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What’s New in Magento 2 Admin Panel

what news in magento 2 admin panel

I. Product Management Changes

In magento 1.x, in order to create a new product you need to go through long process: Add Product -> Choose product type, choose Attribute Set -> Filling your information in product management page.
But in magento 2, the process is shortened. In the catalog section, there is useful new dropdown menu for quickly adding new product of any type.

1. What’s New in Admin Panel of Magento 2.0

II. Navigating the administration

One of the most significant changes in magento 2 admin panel is it’s navigation. The major navigation is designed vertically on the left side. Furthermore, the navigation system is responsive and touch friendly for all tablet and mobile devices.

2. What’s New in Admin Panel of Magento 2.0

III. Tax Management Changes

There are several changes in tax management for instance

1. Import/Export Tax Rate

3.1 What’s New in Admin Panel of Magento 2.0


3.2 What’s New in Admin Panel of Magento 2.0

IV. System

Some new tabs were added such as: Locked User, Manage encryption key

System -> Permissions -> Locked users
In this section, you will see the list of locked users. Then you can check who is locked and then you can unlock users as you want.

4. What’s New in Admin Panel of Magento 2.0

System -> Other Settings -> Manage Encryption Key
In the section, you are able to enable “ auto-generate a key”, change Encryption Key or set up a single key per each user. This will help you to protect user’s sensitive data better.


V. Configuration

The configuration section allow you to manage setting up to 3 levels: Global, Website, Store view. Also this section allow you to configure such detail as company information, domain, payment, shipping cost.

magento 2 configuration

VI. Web and URLs

Next, when you move to the ” Web” section, you will see some basic setting around URLs

You need to set the base URL which will be your domain.

If you have SSl certificate for your site. It is recommended that you set Secure Base URL with the same as your domain. Instead http:// it should be https://

>> Don’t forget to click Save Config when ready.

base-url magento 2

VII. Design

Now you can open design tab where you can set and choose your site theme
>> click Save Config when ready.

design magento 2


In “Seo” section, please ensure that default robots is set to Index, Follow so that the search engine will index your site
Under Footer, you can tailor footer details to yoủ business. At last, you need to add logo image in email section so that your brand is displayed on transactional emails.

>> click Save Config

seo magento 2

IX. Currency

Now, look at currency. You can configure the following setting
+ Base currency – this is currency you will receive payment in
+ Default display currency- this should be set to the same as Base Currency

>> click Save Config.


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