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ves magento 2.1 page builder

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For long time, Ves Page Builder is very useful building page for any Magento developers. This Ves Page Builder extension provides you an effective tool to build page and edit page easily. So you can save time to do it. All customers are fell in love with this functionality. This theme is always updated to new version. This time at version Magento 2.1, we are pleased to announce you that our amazing Ves Magento 2.1 Page Builder extension. This updated version help customers loading page quickly when building page. In addition, you can create Flexible Rich Content Element Builder, Adding Pre-made Elements, and so on.

Now, let view new Features of Ves Magento 2.1 Page Builder:

  • Flexible Rich Content Element Builder
  • Create Desired Page By Adding Pre-made Elements
  • Enhance page load time incredibly
  • Convert Page & Elements into CMS Page & CMS Block
  • Reuse Element & Page As Your Need
  • Copy Short code in One Click
  • Schedule To Set Up the Release Date & Expiry Date
  • Display coming soon, expired or private

Don’t miss it! Get it for your store to get advancement!

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