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How to translate Magento 2 product languages?


Language sometimes is a barrier for shop owners as well as their international customer just because the website does not support multiple languages. For that reason, today I’ll show you how to translate Magento 2 product languages features such as descriptions, labels, categories into other languages to attract more global purchasing.

Magento is now supporting multilingual for its users; therefore, all we need to do is going to admin panel and working on it step by step.

  1. Translate product fields

Admin panel > Products > Catalog (under Inventory)

translate 1

You’ll see a list of your products here, then click to Edit mode to the product that needs translating.

translate 2

Click Store view and choose a language you want to apply for your product. Then click OK to confirm your chosen language.

translate 3

Uncheck Use Default Value checkbox and fill in the description box with your translated text.

translate 4

In addition to the description, you should notice to change the language in all other sections.

Click Save button to end process

  1. Translate Field Labels

Admin panel > Stores > Product (under Attributes)

translate 6

Choose attributes that need translating.

On the left-hand side, you will click on Manage Labels section.

translate 5

Then, you add translated languages for your products.

After completing all boxes, click Save Attribute to end the process

  1. Translate categories

Admin panel > Product > Categories (under Inventory)

translate 7

Click on Store view on the left-hand side to choose your language. Then, click OK to save the language.

When your website is translated into the target language, fill in sections (category name, description, SEO, etc.) with your chosen language.

After all, click Save to end process.

Here is my tutorial on how to add and change languages on Magento store. Hope it works well!

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