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Top 8 Crucial Magento Ecommerce Web design trends in 2015

Web design trends 2015

As you may see, we are moving closer forward to the next year 2015 . Now, we can look back some web design trends in 2014 such as: code-free design platforms, parallax effects, flat design, Mega menu, etc and predict new trends that stays power in 2015.  Since Venustheme belongs to Magento community so we will talk about how this trends influence on Magento community

1. The boom of responsive design

Since the past 3 years, responsive design has been officially the vital element of web design. In fact, according to Kenneth Sytian of Sytian Outsource Website Design Philippines, a fully responsive design will support shopper to get maximum accessibility on whatever devices they use. Different from previous years, in 2015 you will no longer create website just for Smartphone, tablets, or desktops. With the appearance of newest devices such as: smart watches, smart TV, home appliances, smart glasses, the definition of responsive design is broader than ever.


2. Scrolling instead of clicking.

For the last 2 year, with the emerge trends of using smart phone and tablets, scrolling become extremely favored and popular because of it’s convenience. Compare to clicking, scrolling will take less time for page loading. Also, it allows for more dynamic interactions from user because mobile shopper can get all the information they need without clicking through a lot of annoying pages.


3. Strong emphasis on Typography

Because “ Content is the king”, the strong emphasis on typography is obvious. In 2015, simple and bold elements with large image will dominate the design trends. Moreover, you can look out for new advances of typography like “responsive typography” that enables shoppers view and read text clearly on any devices. Also, beyond Google fonts that are considered the only choice, now designers will have web-kits. When designer can access much more reasonable price font, theme designers can add more typographic flexibility in their themes.


4. Ghost button

There are many reasons that Ghost buttons are the new favorite web elements. It’s not only attractive, minimal & classy but it also a useful tool to attract shopper’s attention in subtle way. Ghost button is not really a call to action but it is perfect for designer to make them swoon. Want to see what they look like? Check out the below image about ghost buttons.


5. Material design

Material design is something as the new direction for Mobile that Google try to hide this year. It is the combination between skeuomorphism and entirely flat design. This is the direct quote from Google: “Our material is grounded in tactile reality, inspired by our study of paper and ink, yet open to imagination and magic.”

google design

6. Microinteractions

If you wonder what is Micronteractions, here is the answer “a microinteraction is a contained experience that a user has with a website that revolves around a single use case”. The best example of microinteractions is an email signup box. Microinteractions helps website improve customer engagement. In case of email sign up box, it brings more customer email from signup box. In 2015, you will see more microinteractions which are more sophisticated and useful than previous.


7. Card design

Card design is demonstrated to be the amazing tool for designer working on responsive websites. It is the smart ways of organizing, arranging things on the great order. Also, Cards allow shopper t browse a lot of information easily that encourage them to see more. It is simple, clear but can be used in many different ways. It promise to be the new favorite web design trends of this year.

card design

8. Large and stunning background Image and video

Background Image and video keep being the most attractive part of the website. Having great content with stunning background image is also the simplest ways of drawing customer attention. In 2015, images will take centre position in new ways. In addition to this, great techniques will appear for resizing, extracting colors for backgrounds, and optimizing images.


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