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8 Practical and Proven Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Magento Website

Tips to increase traffic

Nowadays, all of e-commerce website is finding ways consistently to get more traffic without having to spend a lot of money on advertising. Although you can notice that advertising can be effective, it does not the best way of attracting the most qualified visitor to your site. Hence, today to help you save time money and effort I will show you 8 tips to increase traffic significantly to your magento site

1. Great Content

Have you realized after reading a blog or article that you are interested in you will notice that website and go back to see what they offer. Create great content in the various form such as: tutorial article, product description, blog post, video presentation will allow you to build relationship with a large a mount of shopper. Now all you need is find out what is suitable way to promote your amazing content to visitor

2. Get Social

social integration

Having great content is a good starting point, but make sure that your magento site is approachable and proactive. One of the best way to earn value traffic is to use social media channel. Twitter is ideal for short, snappy links. LinkedIn is also effective in B2B niches. If you are B2C, Google+ Facebook and other image-oriented social channel like Pinterest and Instagram will be very useful. Also, do not forget to integrate this social network to your site.

3. Write Blog With Irresistible Headline

magento blog extension

As you may know, without a irresistible headline even the most comprehensive and useful blog post will go unread. So consider carefully and produce the most interesting headline before you publish it.

4. On Page SEO

Optimizing your content for SEO is still considered as the most valuable way to boost traffic. First and foremost, try to figure out niche keyword with low competition that ensure you get top rank. Then, do not forget to write image alt text and eye catching meta descriptions. If you can do on page SEO well, it help boost your organic traffic significantly.

5. Don’t Neglect Email Marketing

email marketing

Some of new business are concentrating on attracting new customer via content marketing but forget about email marketing. A friendly email reminder
about a new service or product can help you boost your traffic. An effective email can help you increase sales directly.

6. A sense of Community

magento community

Everyone like to speak their mind and have influence on what they are interest. Hence having a community into your site is the best way to start a conversation and increase more traffic to your magento website.

7. Affiliate Programs

This is an interesting way but it is not mentioned frequently. An affiliate marketing allow you to track sale that are refered by other site or existing customer via a special affiliate link which tell your website. Each affiliate has their unique affiliate url that they can use to promote a product or service. Hence with affiliate program, you not only can get more traffic, but it also bring you more customer.

8. Post your store to Reddit

reddit magento extension

Do you know that mostly internet user hangs out on reddit. You can find a subreddit on nearly any subject, for example, /r/magento, /r/magento_extension, /r/magentodevelopment. There are a lot of niche subreddits out there. All you need is find the niches subreddits related to your business. After that, make your posts very brief and show catchy, and not very sales headline

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Alena Dao
Alena Dao
“Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.”

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