multiple-homepage magento 2 template

Multiple homepage

Ves Bluestore comes with 5 different homepages that is unique and very attractive.

Responsive Magento 2 template

Thanks to being built with Bootstrap 3.x, this magento 2 template is easily and efficiently to scales your site responsively from phones to tablets to desktops.

responsive magento 2 theme
magento 2 blog extension

Magento 2 Blog Extension (Value $45)

Magento 2 Blog Extension helps to display your blogpost attractively and let your post appear among the top search results with the support of SEO.
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Fast Checkout Process

The Magento 2 Template helps to speed up purchasing process by minimizing steps and information they provide.

magento 2 fast checkout-process

Magento 2 Megamenu ( Value $45)

The extension is equipped with drag n drop interface & 7 submenu types you can create/ edit your professional vertical or horizontal menu fast and easily.
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Magento 2 Page Builder ( Value $99)

M2 Page Builder is the best solution to build magento 2 theme faster and easier. Moreover, the extension also let you edit your theme layout with ease.
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incredible-fast-load magento-2

Fast Load Time

As you may know that Magento 2 delivers fast page load time for home, category, product detail.

Magento Css Editor

With our skin builder you can change visual appearance easily.

live-css-editor magento 2