Multi 04 Homepages Layouts

Ves Blackstore comes with Variant 04 Homepages which helps you have lot of choices.

Multiple homepages
2. Fully Responsive Design

100% Fully Responsive Design

This Ves Blackstore Blackwhite Magento 2 Theme is shown well on any kind of Devices such as Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, etc

Powerful Magento 2 Page Builder

A special point in Venus Theme is built on Magento 2 Page Builder. With Page Builder, you not only build page and edit directly on the page site. It is very convenient and cost-effective.

9. Powerful Magento 2 Page Builder
4. Eye-catching "Hot Categories"

Eye-catching “Hot Categories”

On Blackstore, you are impressed with eye-catching “Hot categories”. Thanks to this, you can filter it as you want. By little time, you can view and choose the Hot category which helps your site avoid to out-of-date.

Hot Deal with Countdown timer

At the center of Blackwhite Magento 2 Theme Ves Blackstore, you can realize we show product with Countdown timer. With this support of this, customers can follow and choose their favorite products.

5. Hot Deal with Countdown timer
7. Dynamic MegaMenu and Vertical Menu

Dynamic MegaMenu and Vertical Menu

In Ves Blackstore Blackwhite magento 2 theme, we also add Dynamic Mega Menu extension in this. By this support, you can feel free to create Dynamic Main menu for your store. Specially, your menu can be shown well on mobile whose device has limit screen.

Owl Carousel Products List

By touching each Products Images in product showcase, you can select product you want.

8. Owl Carousel Products List
10. Useful Testimonial Showcase

Useful Testimonial Showcase

Thanks to live customers compliment proofs, they will be more believable your store in testimonial showcase. In this case, you can see their comments about service, product, shipper, etc.

Ease to customization

A deniable point in Ves Blackstore contains unlimited customization. To specify, you can tailor your content, skin color, product features, best seller, layout products and so on.

6. Ease to customization
11. Stunning Sliders

Stunning Sliders

Coming with amazing sliders, your store will leave a lot of impression with customers. They will pay special attention to your store.

Nice Blog Platform

In social network sharing, Ves Blackstore also supports Nice Blog Platform. By virtue of this module, you have space to share your post, your experience to relate your product or New arrivals, … Customers will concentrate your blog post and find for their own knowledge.

12. Nice Blog Platform
13. Showcase Beautiful Instagram Photos

Showcase Beautiful Instagram Photos

At the part near Footer of Ves Blackstore, we also display a plenty of Beautiful Instagram Photos to relate your products in your store. Customers will be surprised about this interesting combination in the modern life.

SEO Friendly

To sympathizing the important role of SEO in online business, Ves Blackstore is supported SEO which is more friendly and easy to do for customers. They only spent the little time to do it and get higher rank Top by Google Index.

14. SEO Friendly
15. Multiple Languages

Awesome Fonts with Google Fonts

Ves Blackstore is supported with 500+ Fonts. This mean that your store can be displayed a lot of kind of letter on your store which attracts customers to your site.

Dedicated Support

When you purchase Themes on Venustheme, surely you get our professional supports.