Drag & Drop Magento Form Builder

Drag & Drop Magento Form Builder

With intuitive interface & drag/drop feature, you can change your form easily as your expectation. All what you need is to drag and drop block to the position you want. With magento form builder, you can create any kind of form never easier.
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Visual Content Creator

Our Magento Form Builder offer a visual content creator. Whatever you want to create, you can see the result directly. It is convenient and time saving if you can see how it look, right?

Visual Content Creator
Multiple Input Types

Multiple Input Types and file type

This magento form builder bring you multiple input types including Text, Paragraph, Checkboxes, Multiple Choice, Date, Dropdown, Time, Number, Website, Email, Price, Address, Rating, Google Map, Subscription, Dynamic Dropdown, File Upload, Section Break so on.

Message Manager

The Magento Form Builder allow you to manage and restore information from the customer form in the most easy way.

Message Manager

Create Unlimited Form

No matter what form you want to create and how many form you want to have, our magento form builder support you to create unlimited form as your expectation.

Add to Any Position

It depends on what your form use for, so you can choose appropriate position for that. Our magento form builder support you to assign your form to any postion you want.


Embedded email notification.

With Our Advanced Magento Custom Form Builder, you can select who will receive emails after shopper submit form (users, admin or both). You also pull data users enter in form to these emails easily.

Fully responsive and 100% AJAX based front-end design

Our Magento Custom Form Builder support you to create amazing form with responsive design, which makes them look great on any kind of devices, no matter it’s a mobile phone, laptop or tablet. Also, the contact forms are 100% AJAX-based, which means that pages don’t have to reload when a contact form is submitted.

Fully responsive and 100% AJAX based front-end design

Recaptcha Security

To avoid spam, the magento custom form builder is armed with Captcha code. You select one of and add it to your form. You can also make your Captcha re-loadable only without reloading other form data(in case users insert a wrong Captcha code – they reload the image; meanwhile the rest of their submitted data is kept).

Export the submitted data

In case you need to export the submitted data. Our magento Form Builder support you to export form to .csv file. With this advanced Magento Form Builder you can choose to export all submissions or some of them etc.

export-csv file

Duplicate your forms

You can duplicate your forms. It is very time saving if you need to create several similar forms. The duplicated form will be totally independent from the original one. This advanced magento form builder help to upload them to another site also.

Form Publishing

You can insert a form into a CMS page by using widget. Beside, you have several options to show your form. Your form can be shown directly on page or you can show 1 text link that lead to that form. Moreover, you can show text that show form popup.

Five Star Rating Filed Type

New Five Star Rating Field Type

Let’s say hello to new Five Star Rating Field Type. With our intuitive drag-and-drop Form Builder, you’ll find the new Five Star Rating field type in the Fancy Pants section.

Dynamic Drop-downs Field Type

Drop-down Field Type is very easy to use, because of it’s simplicity of selecting an option from a list. It is extremely helpful for any form with a limited set of options from where you want the user to select. With our dynamic Drop-downs you can add options for your Drop Down List with ease

Dynamic Drop-downs Field Type
google maps Field Type

Google Maps Field Type

With Google Maps Field Type allow you to create your form integrating Google Maps. That help you to display the location of your office using Google Maps.

Upload File Field

Have you known that Our Magento Custom Form Builder offer ” Upload File” Field yet? It’s alsp support all type of file such as .xls, png, jpg, gif, zip, doc, pdf….

Upload File Field

Magento 2 Form Builder

Are you seeking Web custom form tool for Magento 2 store? Our Magento 2 Form Builder help you to create form as easy as google form. Believe in us experience new amazing tool via our demo.

Magento Form Builder feature list
  • Create Unlimited Form
  • Add unlimited fields
  • Design right from admin
  • Visual Backend Form Builder
  • CMS Widget
  • Responsive Design
  • Ajax Frontend
  • Custom Notification
  • High Quality Code
  • File Upload Support
  • Drag & Drop Interface
  • Inserting form links in any Magento area
  • Automatic email notifications
  • Customizable notifications templates
  • Customizable form appearance
  • Before/After Form Content
  • Enable/Disable Popup form
  • Add Capcha to any form
  • Admin can send mail and / or save result to database.
  • Configure email in case form result needs to be send by mail
  • Add custom html to any form.
  • Support of multiple input types: Text, Paragraph, Checkboex, Multiple Choice, Date, Dropdown, Time, Number, Website, Email, Price, Address, Rating, Google Map, Subscription, Dynamic Dropdown so on..
  • Multi-store supported.
  • 100% Open source
  • License Certificate valid for 1 live Magento installation and unlimited test
  • Magento installations (No license key required).
  • Easy to install and configure
  • User-friendly interface
  • Rewrite URL
  • Detail Document
  • Free Update