Stunning Content slider

With 3 Stunning Images Slider Content, you can change the interface of your homepages. It plays an important role in customers impression.


Marvelous Magento Page builder

With the supporting of Magento Page Builder in Ves Bigshop, you can build your page easily and cost-effectively. You only have to pay one-time Payment and then build your theme without paying any extra fee

Best Vertical Menu

By supporting of the Vertical menu, you can showcase your main menu attractively. Customers don’t need to spend much time to find their product. Furthermore, customers can search your store on Mobiles. How it convenient is!

14.Best Vertical Menu
04. Nice Category page

Nice Category page

With Nice Category Page in Ves Bigshop, you can arrange All your products categories neatly and interestingly. In addition, this theme helps you to save time in shopping on your store.

Smart Product Carousel

After installing this theme for your store, your customers have chances to experience shopping fantastically. By touching Smart product carousel, you can view fast all items in your store.

05. Smart Product Carousel
06. Attractive Quickview Product

Attractive Quickview Product

Besides, you can view All detail of your products before purchasing by Quickview Product. So customers have pay nice attention on your store.

Product Image Zoom

As you know, your website has limited Space to show all image products. If the image has a small size, you can not see entire product. With supporting of product image zooming, you can zoom at to the big size which helps you know all real product before purchasing.

07. Product Image Zoom
08. Live Theme Editor

Live Theme Editor

Without programming knowledge in Magento, Users can customize the Magento Layouts as you expected directly and easily. Because you can preview lively before saving. So the conversion rate of your store climbs significantly.

Advanced Ves Blog Module

In this Ves Bigshop, we also support to you advanced Blog Module. So you can feel easily to post your promotion, New Arrivals or your knowledge related. So on your site, customers can share their comment or their experience for customers.

09. Ves Blog Platform
10. NIce Brand logo

Showing Friendly Brand Logo

Ves Bigshop Magento 1.9 is showing friendly Brand Logo. Thanks to including Ves Brand, you can show All Brand of Product on your store. This increases the customer’s belief with your store. With showing clear Brand Product, you can keep your loyalty customers and increase stability the quantity of customers for your store.

Easy to use Theme Skin Color

With a simple step to use Theme Skin Color, you can easily exactly color as you want. By this customization of color, your store can be shown interestingly and attracts a lot of customers to your site.

11. Theme Color Ves Bigshop

RTL support

By Ves Bigshop, you can show your multi-languages to Right to Left direction depends on your need such as Hebrew and Arabic languages.

Cutting-edge Web Technology

With the dramatic changing of technology, we add cutting-edge Web Technology on your website. So you don’t have to worry about this over fashion or overdated of your site. Customers will have a chance to experience on your site professionally.

13. Cutting-edge Web Technologies
12.Professional Support Team

Professional Support Team

As soon as you have any stucks in installing our theme, you can contact us to receive quick support. We try our best to support to experience Best service on Venustheme.

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