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Suspend PayPal Announcement in Turkey

suspend Paypal announcement in turkey

Dear all Turkish customers, please kindly notice Paypal suspend operation annoucement.

Currently, I strongly inform the latest Paypal Announcement, specially for Turkish and other users who using Paypal for their purchase and our value Turkish due to suspending their purchase. Please spend your time on this. We hope you can get useful below information.

Let’s view direct information for Paypal Turkish: As a short note is spoken by Paypal Turkey, he said that:

“From 6th June 2016, users registered in Turkey will not be able to send or receive money through the platform by 6th of June and asked them to transfer the balances in their accounts to Turkish banks. The company added that their local team will not stop working on the licensing issue.”

As being seen, Paypal has been instructed to suspend Turkish business operations. It causes by the requirement of locating IT systems of Paypal in Turkey that has not been accepted by this payment service.

According this announcement, a thousands of businesses and consumers will be affected. Hence, please keep your calm. To support, please find this specific FAQ section of Paypal and also provided instructions for transferring outstanding balances to regular bank accounts.

Obviously, suspending business operations in Turkey is unwanted things and their application for a Turkish payments license has been denied by the local financial regulator. So we may hope for a positive change in the near future.

Venustheme Customers, here your advice!

Paypal is only one of our main online international payment Services, so it impacts on the major Turkish customers. But, don’t worry about this. If you are Turkish customers, please refer to our other available Payment method on Venutheme

In conclusion, in order to view detail of payment method, please view here. If you have any concerns with any part of payment, please feel free to submit your request through [email protected] or live chat at venustheme.com. Thanks for your corporation and hope you enjoy a wonderful shopping experience on Venustheme.


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