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How to set default language and currency Magento 2?

Language and currency are the name of the game for your store communication and business. In this tutorial, I gonna show you how to set default language and currency Magento 2.

1.Set default language
Admin panel > Stores > Configuration (under Settings)


On the upper left-hand side of the Configuration page, you can see Default Config.

Click Default Config and choose the language for the Main Website / Main Website Store as your expectation.


Then, click OK and Save Config to complete your setting.

2. Set default currency
Admin panel > Stores > Configuration (under Settings)


Under General, you’ll see Currency Setup head, then click on it

When the window is opened, select Currency Setup.


In this section, choose Currency Options and setup your own preference.
This head includes:
1. Base Currency: Choose your most suitable currency for your store. Remember, Base currency is used for all online payment transactions. The base currency scope is defined by the catalog price scope (Catalog > Price > Catalog Price Scope).
2. Default Display Currency
3. Allowed Currencies


When you finish configuring your own default currency, click Save Config button to end process.
That is the end of my tutorial on how to set default language and currency Magento 2 store. Hope it helps well!

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