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Separated Theme or Starter Membership?

Separated Theme or Starter Membership

Many of our customers have posed the question: “Purchasing a separated theme or starter membership?”

There are two main ways for customers to get Magento themes from Venustheme regarding the number of themes you want.

1. A Starter Membership allows you 4 months access Magento club, offers 2 domains license and GET 1 THEME and CHANGE to another one during 4 months. Remember, you just can only choose the theme available on website venusthem.com. As you know, some of the themes displayed on website are sold on a marketplace themeforest.com.

To get more information about Membership Plans, visit this link: http://www.venustheme.com/membership/

2. Getting a single theme without membership, you can choose any theme you want (both on venustheme.com and themeforest.com). In other hands, you can not change the theme while using it.

In both two ways, you can completely receive the same support and update from us.

Here is the list of some Venustheme’s best seller you may be looking for:

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