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Unable to save page builder modules

All QuestionsCategory: TechnicalUnable to save page builder modules
AvatarKitty Seah asked 5 years ago

 Dear Ves, I have recently encountered this problem after optimizing my site. I am constantly getting this error message when I try to input images to my ves page builder modules. 
The error that I am seeing is this “cannot read property ‘getRNG’ of undefined”. Please assist me. When this error occurs, I am unable to click save, and neither can I click save and continue. I have already cleared all site cache as well as cleared all browser cache. This issue used to pop up from time to time. However, since optimization, I have been unable to change image, remove image, add new widget with image and basically do anything related to images. 
I would really appreciate all you help with this and I look forward to hearing back from you soon.
Thank you again for creating an easy to use extension for newbies like me to create Magento sites.
Best regards,

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