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Themesettings showing "404 Error"

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AvatarSumit asked 5 years ago

I have installed Ves Shoppy for my Magento Store. I used the General Instructions for installing theme as I installed the theme on an existing Magento website. The theme and all the modules were installed successfully. But when I try to change theme settings it gives “404 Error, Page not found.” error. The settings appear when I access them via System > Configuration > Venus Theme Settings > Theme Settings. When I try to access settings from Admin Main Menu “VenusTheme” it gives the error.
Also, the modules are coming up with the features they are designed for, but each module is coming up with that 404 Error when I access module’s configuration.

0 Answers
Avatarstian answered 5 years ago

Logout / Login usually fix it. Make sure compilation is disabled and cache is refreshed.

AvatarSumit replied 5 years ago

Compilation was disabled and cache is also off. Logout / Login has fixed the problem. Does the theme offers options to change layout of category list pages and products pages. I want to add sidebar to product pages.

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