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Remove 'sidebar left' button on mobile?

All QuestionsCategory: ThemesRemove 'sidebar left' button on mobile?
Avatarkurtmcgarry asked 5 years ago

Hey guys,

So im using ves_fashion and on the category page and product page on mobile, the red ‘sidebar left’ button appears at the top and when i click it, it makes everything under it disapear until you click it again. so I was wondering how I remove this just for mobile though?

I could removed it by going to ves treemenu > settings > disable module but that disables it on desktop as well and it looks weird without it on desktop because then theres just a massive white gap. So how do i remove the little red button for it on just mobile please?
If you don’t know what I mean you can go to the link on mobile, or shrink the page on desktop

Thank you very much!

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