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Problem with 'elFinderVolumeLocalFileSystem' and 'elFinderVolumeMySQL' during setup:di:compile

All QuestionsCategory: TechnicalProblem with 'elFinderVolumeLocalFileSystem' and 'elFinderVolumeMySQL' during setup:di:compile
AvatarYouweInkoop asked 5 years ago

Hello there,
I got this error with the latest update to pagebuilder during deployment: Class ‘elFinderVolumeDriver’ not found in /home/zurich/www/focus-magento/app/code/Ves/BaseWidget/view/adminhtml/web/js/elfinder/php/elFinderVolumeLocalFileSystem.class.php on line 10
Can you advise us what we should do? Can you please send a reply with my e-mail address in CC [email protected]
Thanks in advance, 
Zurich Ferdian

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