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Magento2 Theme "Pencil" – Localization problems

All QuestionsMagento2 Theme "Pencil" – Localization problems
AvatarMatthias asked 5 years ago

Hi, after installing Magento 2 and Pencil theme we have problems when setting the locale to “German (Germany)” in the Store settings.
With locale “German (Germany)” most of the stylesheets and graphics are not being loaded correctly because the files don’t exist in the folder /pub/static/frontend/Venustheme/pencil/de_DE 
When setting locale to “English (United States)” it works.

How do we get it to work properly? I guess that renaming /en_US to /de_DE could lead to problems later.

Unfortunately your documentation says nothing about localization…

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Thonglm - SupporterThonglm - Supporter Staff answered 5 years ago

Hello Mate, have a nice day!
I have considered your issue. You need to run a command to create files in magento new storage folder. Please following the step:
– Step 1: login your hosting, create new file ssh.php in root folder and paste content below:
echo “<pre>”;
print_r(shell_exec(‘php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy’));
echo “</pre>”;
– Step 2: set permission for ssh.php file to 7-7-5  
– Step 3: go to link:
ex: http://demoleotheme.com/pencil/ssh.php
wait a while to notice COMPLETE!  

AvatarMatthias replied 5 years ago

thanks for the quick reply. seems like it does not work – only /en_US folder is being updated. Files in /pub/static/frontend/Venustheme/pencil/de_DE are still missing.Do we have to change the locale from en_US to de_DE in some config file before running the shell command?

AvatarMatthias replied 5 years ago

the trick is to add the locale to the shell command:php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy de_DE thank you for your fast support!

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