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How to add column in footer

All QuestionsCategory: ThemesHow to add column in footer
Avatarsandeep n asked 5 years ago

Hello mate,
I am using ves_shoppy
I need to add a footer column using static block which i made.
also i have added it in local.xml
<reference name=”massbottom2″>
<reference name=”footer_top”>
and the corresponding page/template/footer_block_link.phtml and page/template/footer_product_carousels.phtml
But i need some assistance in the name “footer.carousel” and  “footer.blocklink” coz if a add a want to add a new column it dosent
my requirement is i need a footer with 5 columns
Any help will be appreciated.
Kindly please need your expert advice
Thanks in advance.

0 Answers
Le LieuLe Lieu Staff answered 5 years ago


1. You can duplicate file app\design\frontend\venustheme\default\template\page\template\footer_product_carousels.phtml -> footer_product_carousels_custom.phtml
2. added it in local.xml
3. Edit template file footer_product_carousels_custom.phtml -> 5cols if you want
Note: Bootstrap grid  Total col=12 (3 + 3+ 2 + 2 + 2)

Avatarsandeep n replied 5 years ago

Thanks for your reply.

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