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golmart gives error on iphone and apple tablets then reloads

All QuestionsCategory: Technicalgolmart gives error on iphone and apple tablets then reloads
Avatarmiami asked 5 years ago

This happens on safari browser. However, many people use apple products and safari when surfing the web.
It gives an error and reload the site over and over.
Please, test it on an apple cellphone or tablet.

0 Answers
Panda ThuanPanda Thuan Staff answered 5 years ago

Hello Miami,
Thanks you for your question. Can you please give me your site url? I will try to check it on iPad and iPhone. Because I just checked our demo site on iPad air, iPhone 6 it is working fine.

Avatarmiami replied 5 years ago

Please, see this snapshot: http://s23.postimg.org/t6sny0r17/IMG_1765.pngVersion 8.4 on safari on a iphone 6 plus. I checked it on an ipad and same error. It may work with newest version, but most people still have 8.x version on their iphones and ipads.Regards

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