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errors running install scripts

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Avatardgarbe asked 5 years ago

I’m getting the following after after running bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy
 frontend -> Venustheme/pencil -> en_US ===
Unable to load theme by specified key: ‘Venustheme/pencil’>
Please provide details on how to fix this.

Thonglm - SupporterThonglm - Supporter Staff replied 5 years ago

Hello mate, Thank for question!!<br><br>I have considered your problem. Make sure that you entered it as the step instructions.<br><br>Step 1: Run shell command<br><br>- login your hosting, create new file ssh.php in root folder and paste content below:<br><br> <?php<br> echo "<pre>";<br> print_r(shell_exec('php bin/magento setup:upgrade'));<br> echo '</pre>';<br> echo "<pre>";<br> print_r(shell_exec('php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy'));<br> echo '</pre>';<br> echo "<pre>";<br> print_r(shell_exec('php bin/magento indexer:reindex'));<br> echo '</pre>';<br> die('Complete');<br><br><br>- Set permission for ssh.php file to 7-5-5<br><br>- Go to link:<br><br>http://your_site_address/ssh.php<br><br>ex: http://demoleotheme.com/pencil/ssh.php<br><br>wait a while to notice COMPLETE!<br><br> <br><br>Step 2: Clear cache and refresh your site for result.<br><br><br>Admin -> System -> Cache Management -> Select All -> submit Refresh.<br><br><br>If you can not fix it, please sent me(private) info your site to fix it.<br><br>Happy day!

Avatarmedinadato replied 5 years ago

I’m having the same issue. I’ve tested your shell command and it doesn’t work either..

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