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5 Steps To Set PayPal Setup Magento 2 – Venustheme

5-step PayPal Setup Magento 2  is a tutorial on the aspect of configuring payment method on your store. It is undoubtedly true that Paypal Express Checkout now plays a vital role in online payment in general and international payment in particular. As a part of Venustheme team, therefore, I give you this guidance. Now, let’s start!

Step 1: Admin panel > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods > PayPal Express Checkout > Configure

PayPal 1



PayPal 2


Step 2: Open “Express Checkout” option


There are several parts you need to complete in this section.

Email Associated with Merchant Account – Your email that is used for commercial purpose.

AIP Authentication Methods – Accumulated Income Payment Authentication Methods, including AIP Signature and AIP Certificate.

AIP Username

AIP Password

API Signature

Then click on “Get Credentials from PayPal”, this will lead you to another browser to login PayPal. When you logged in, Magento 2 will automatically copy your account required information.

Step 3: Basic Setting – Paypal Express Checkout

PayPal 5

Fulfill the basic information including:

Title – The title of payment method, it is recommended to set this value to “PayPal” per store views.

Sort Order – If there are more than one payment methods, this will change their display order.

Payment Action – This comprises Authorization, Sale, and Order.

  • Authorization: you will have to authorize the payments before they can be processed
  • Sale: the customer will be charged immediately after they pay
  • Order: represents an agreement between the PayPal payment system and the merchant, which enables the merchant to capture one or more amounts up to the “ordered” total from the customer’s buyer account, over a maximum of 29 days. After the funds are “ordered,” the merchant can capture them at any time during the following 29 days. Capturing of the order amount can be done only from the Magento backend, by creating one or more invoices.

Display on Product Details Page – Visible or Invisible payment method on the details page of every product. (recommended)

Step 4: Advanced Settings

Paypal 6.1 PayPal 6.2

11 boxes need fulfilling including:

Display on Shopping Cart – Yes is recommended

Payment Applicable From – All Allowed Countries or Specific Countries

Debug Mode – Yes leads to writing communications with the payment system into the log file

Enable SSL verification – Secure Sockets Layer protection

Transfer Cart Line Items – Show/Hide purchased item in PayPal Transaction details

Transfer Shipping Options

Shortcut Buttons Flavor – dynamic/static shortcut button

Enable PayPal Guest Checkout – allow no PayPal account use it for purchase or not

Require Customer’s Billing Address – Yes: require the customer to bill address for all purchase / No: exclude the requirements. This feature needs to be enabled first for the merchant account through PayPal technical support.

Billing Agreement Signup – Auto: allow customers to sign a billing agreement during the process or use another method of payment /Ask Customer: allow customers to decide whether to sign a billing agreement /Never: disable signing a billing agreement during the process.

Skip Order Review Step

Step 5: Frontend Experience Settings

PayPal 7

In this section, you will set logo and other PayPal Merchant Pages Style including Page Style, Header Image URL, Header Background Color, Header Border Color and Page Background Color.

When completing your process, click on “Save Config” button to save and apply the settings.

Here is my tutorial on setting PayPal Express Checkout on your Magento 2 Store. Hope it helps you well!

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