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Manage Magento 2 Mega Menu | Drag and Drop Mega Menu

feature manage Magento 2 mega menu

Our VenusThemes is built on Well-known Page Builder Extension and Mega Menu Extension. Thanks to creating Dynamic Menu Navigation, Horizontal, and Vertical Menu, our Themes Magento becomes one of the best themes for Shop Online. This Magento Mega Menu is also compatible with Magento 1.9, Magento 2 and More Magento 2.1 and Magento 2.x

In term of this tutorial, I will show you best way to Manage Magento 2 Mega Menu ( Updated Version Magento 2.1.2) in our Venustheme.


For example Ves Pencil:

Demo: http://demo4coder.com/pencil/

Firstly, you can see the Mega Menu Overview in our Venustheme:

manage magento 2 mega menu -01

You can follow these steps:

  • Create New Menu
  • Edit Menu ( Available Menu)]
  • Create Group Menu
  • Create Dynamic Menu

Log in Admin Panel > Ves Mega Menu

1. Create New Menu:

Log in Admin Panel > Ves Mega Menu > Add New Menu 

manage Magento 2 mega menu- 02

Also, you can choose Add menu Item

manage Magento 2 mega menu-04

Fill all General Settings, Menu Editor:

manage Magento 2 mega menu-05

Name Menu & Alias Mobile Template

Name menu: Menu Top

Link Type: Category link
From right item:
Dropdown width:

2. Edit Menu

Besides, you have available Menu, you can follow these steps:

Admin Panel > Menu Management > Choose Menu you want to edit or delete

manage Magento 2 mega menu-03

Then at the General Settings, Menu Editor, you can edit as you want

3. Create Group Menu:

At menu, you can Drag and Drop it to suitable menu as you want

In case, if you want to create groups you can choose Is group: Yes

Remember after each step you need to click update you did.

4. Create Dynamic Tabs

Let’s view Dynamic Menu item:

manage Magento 2 mega menu-06

Create New Menu item: Fashion: Click Edit > General Information:
Add New Menu:
Name: Menu Dynamic Tabs

Main Content: Content. Then Insert Widget > Ves Mega Menu: Products

manage Magento 2 mega menu-07

Enable Show Name, Price, Show New Lable, Show Sale Lable, Show image, Image Width, Height, Compare Link, Add to cart Button.

===> Update Widget

After insert widget for a product, you can choose the group of menu which you want to change, then at Main content:
choose Dynamic content then save and continue to edit:

manage Magento 2 mega menu-08

After each step, remember to click save and continue to edit. Let ‘s view it on Frontend.
Congratulation you ‘ve finished the way to Manage Magento 2 Mega Menu on Venustheme thanks to supporting of Magento 2 Mega Menu extension. In case, you need to customize any things on your site, please feel free to contact us to [email protected] Some of the small changes are free of charge, get more detail about our custom work service here: Magento Development Services

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