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[Update] Our First Magento Themes Updated With Owl Carousel

magento owl carousel

It’s lightweight, touch enabled, fully responsive, suitable for any type device starting from desktop computers to all mobile devices. With Magento Owl Carousel, you can set the amount of items which slide when you click on “next/pre”. This owl Carousel also support you to touch drag and mouse drag items from right to left or left to right.

Magento Theme Live Demo

It also brings you beautiful responsive carousel slider. You can configure the number of items showing on each devices such as laptop, tablet, mobile.

We understand that this feature bring a lot of convenience for shoppers so we has integrated this feature to our module including: Ves Product Carousel, Ves Brand, Ves Blog, Ves Testimonial. Let’s take a look at how it works on the following image or you can experience this amazing feature through our demo.

1. Ves product caurosel

Owl product carousel module support many different position such as: best seller, most view, related product, topseller products, featured products, new arrival, cross sell and upsell product

1.1 Best Seller

best seller

1.2 Most Viewed

most-viewed owl carousel

1.3 Related Products

new-related owl carousel

1.4 Upsell Products

upsell-product owl careousel

2. Ves blog

Blogs owl carousel

3. Ves testimonial

 Testimonial owl carousel

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