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18+ Themes Added to Magento Theme Membership



In order to give customers the best wonderful Collection in Magento Theme Club. Today we announce that this addition 18+ Magento Theme into Magento Theme Club. All of the themes are the highest quality designs. So the number of Theme Magento in Magento Theme Club increase up to 60+ Themes.

Interestingly, by taking part in Magento Theme Club with only $84 to get full access to 60+ Theme Magento on venus. It is very cost-effective. Now, it is the time to view 18+ Magento Theme added in Magento Theme Club:

I. Magento 2 Themes:

1. Ves Flipcart

flipcart magento 2 multistore theme

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Ves Flipcart is the best Magento 2 Multi-store Theme. It is shown well for Food store, Electronic store, Kid store, and Fashion store.

2. Ves Crafk

crafk-m2 magento membership

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If you are looking for a store Theme for Furniture store with Sofa, Armchairs, Couches, Futons, and Tables? Ves Crafk is your smart choice. Thanks to a great combination color layouts, background, and clever design, Ves Crafk promises a good appearance at frontend.

3. Ves Flashshop

Flashshop magento Theme membership

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Being a professional Magento Electronics Theme on Venustheme, Ves Flashshop brings a new wind for your Electronic store. By only this theme, you can design for your store amazingly and unique Electronic store.

4. Ves Sunbox

Sunbox magento 2.1 Theme membership

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Different from all Theme Magento 2 on Venustheme, Ves Sunbox is shown best for Glasses store, Bikini store and so on.

5. Ves Oshop

oshop magento theme membership

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At present, Fashion trend becomes more popular in shopping online. It is the vanguard field on shopping online. So Ves Oshop is. You can design your Fashion store for Men Fashion, Women Fashion. They may be Heels, Bags, Hats, Accessories, and so on.

6. Ves Floristy

floristy magento 2 Flower theme

Magento 2 Theme

Ves Floristy theme is a real solution for Flower shop website with dedicated Flower and Plants pages: Shop, Consumers, etc.

II. Magento 1.9 Themes

1. Ves Taima

Ves Taima Magento Theme Membership

Live Demo Purchase

As you see on the first sight at the demo of Ves Taima, you can use this theme for Digital store. By this theme, you can utilize these images of this theme for your  own store. It is shown best for Camera gears such as Lense, Selfie pole, digital camera, cable, …

2. Ves Bella

Ves Bella Magento Theme Membership

Live Demo Purchase

There is one-time payment for this Magento theme Ves Bella. You can install it for your store easily. Ves Bella is created for Fashion store, Decorate things, and so on.

3. Ves Bazic

Ves bazic Magento Theme Membership

Live Demo Purchase

Being a part of Magento Theme Membership, Ves Bazic is contributed a stunning images and Design style for shopping online such as Fashion store, Accessories store, etc.

4. Ves Digital

Ves Digital Magento Theme Membership

Live Demo Purchase

Ves Digital Magento theme has Fully responsive Magento theme for Brand store, digital store, electronic store, fashion store, electronic store, supermarket.

5. Ves Clothing

Ves Clothing Magento Theme Membership

Live Demo Purchase

This theme named Ves Clothing. It is shown best for Clothing, Audio Gear, Mobile Shop, Tool shop. In addition, Ves Clothing also includes Video which helps customers can see directly your store.

6. Ves OCshop

Ves Ocshop Magento Theme Membership

Live Demo Purchase

Ves OCshop Magento Cosmetic Theme is shown best for Beauty, Shoes, and so on.

7. Ves Mode

Ves Mode Magento Theme Membership

Live Demo Purchase

Ves Mode comes with tons of simple designs but it’s also impressive with your shopper? By this Magento Fashion Theme make an attractive, fashionable websites. This theme is built with the most advanced technologies.

8. Ves Towner

ves-towner Magento Theme Membership

Live Demo Purchase

Ves Towner Best Magento Towner for Towner shop. By installing this Magento Towner theme, you can show your store attractively.

9. Ves Maxx

Ves Maxx Magento Theme Membership

Live Demo Purchase

Ves Maxx Shop is one of the best designs for fashion Store, Clothes, Cosmetic and Fragrance store.

10. Ves Summershop

summershop Magento Theme Membership

Live Demo Purchase

Ves Summershop Premium Responsive Magento theme is perfect for Fashion Store, Fashion Mall, Gift Shop, Furniture Store, Furniture market, High Tech Store, Digital Shop, Toy Store, Flower Shop, etc.

11. Ves Audio

ves Audi Magento Theme Club

Live Demo Purchase

One of the best solutions for Audio Store, Hightech Store, Gift Shop, Electronics shop and all kinds of business, Ves Audio got a lot of good feedbacks from customers.

12. Ves Bigshop

bigshop Magento Theme Membership

Live Demo Purchase

Ves Bigshop Responsive Magento theme for Hightech products, Digital store, Gift shop, Electronics shop, Fashion and all kinds of business.

13. Ves Minimo

Ves Minimo Magento Theme Membership

Live Demo Purchase

Also, Ves Minimo contains fully responsive and Google mobile friendly ready. Ves Minimo will well perform in all devices: Mobile, Tablets, Laptop, Desktop.

14. Ves Localshop

Ves Localshop Magento Theme Membership

Live Demo Purchase

Ves Localshop is a best Magento Bootstrap Theme for style coffee maker, blenders.

Are you interested in with above themes? They are one of 60+ stunning themes in Magento Theme Membership. You can take part in this Magento Theme Club with simple steps. Only by $84 you can get access to 60+ High-Quality Themes on Venustheme. Don’t miss it. Participate right now!

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