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Magento Page Builder: How to Get The Most From Your Page Builder

magento page builder

Today, web development become more flexible and simple. Everything are also more visual that support user to create and customize easily. To keep updated with this trend, Venustheme has created drag & drop Magento Page Builder.

In the previous post , I introduced to you our best Magento Page Builder that is an useful tool to build as many page as you want. In this post I will show how to take a full take advantage of Ves Page Builder.

I. Why Our Customer Love Ves Page Builder?

1. Time & Money Saving:

As you may know, Magento Page builder is to support you create page or layour easily without wasting alot of money, time and efforts.

2. 50+ Widget:

Ves Page Builder comes with more than 50 Magento widgets. Hence, you can create different contents elements you want

3. Drag/ Drop & resizable Page Builder:

With drag and drop features and intuitive interface, user without technical knowledge can build a page easier. Especially, the intuitive interface show you how your page look like on the front end.

4. And so much more features:

  •  Base on Magento widgets
  • Work with any Magento themes
  • Fully responsive with bootstrap 3
  • Custom widget
  • Built in animation
  • Parallax scrolling background
  • Save and reuse your page

II. Basic Step-by-step guide to create layout with Magento Page Builder.

In the below part, I will show you how to use  our Magento Page Builder easily. You don’t need to spend a lot of time on searching google or learn new things. You can see basic steps we show as below:

>> Create new block

>> Add columns, drag and drop to re-size it. In the meantime, you can enable Gridview to make Bootstrap grid visible and resize columns exactly as you expect.

>> Choose the widget for the column you have created, once you select the widget, you can configure it as you want.
>> Configure the column, adding class, padding, etc.

>> Configure the block: add class, make it full-width or not, etc.

>> Replicate this process when you have successfully created the layout as expected.

Or you can watch our tutorial video as below.
Page Builder Video Tutorials

View Details Buy It Now

III. Magento Page Builder Key Features.

Have you ever tried this Magento Page Builder? if not yet,  I will show you all the key features of the Magento Page Builder. Since then you can take full use of them. Once you understand these features, building the new amazing page will become easier. Here is a lot of great features for you to discover.

Drag and Drop User Interface

Magento Page Builder offer user-friendly and easy to use admin panel. This is very visual, you can build your own layout by a few click. There is no technical knowledge or code line needed. By drag and drop, you can place any block to wherever you want. In the Page Builder admin panel, hit the “Sort” button to change the block to any position.

Numerous Magento Widgets

Understand that “Content is the king”!The page has only good layout is not enough. We also care alot about your page content. Hence, we offer 50 magento widgets. These Magento widgets help you to build various content: Video, Image, Gallery, Slideshow, Product List, etc. Moreover, you can install new widgets and add to the builder layout.

Bootstrap Grid System

Our Magento Page Builder is built with Bootstrap 3. If you are new to Bootstrap Grid system, check more information about Bootstrap Grid System.

“Bootstrap includes a responsive, mobile first fluid grid system that appropriately scales up to 12 columns as the device or viewport size increases. It includes predefined classes for easy layout options, as well as powerful mixins for generating more semantic layouts.”

Responsiveness configuration

Ves Page Builder support you to build a responsive page/layout. Also, you can configure the responsiveness. You can see the ” Design in ” toolbar.

The list of supported responsive layout includes Large, Desktop, Tablet and Mobile. In this list, you can select the responsive layout you want. And then configure the blog in this layout.

Specific configuration for Block and Column

Each block has it’s own setting, so you can configure to show them differently. In the Page Builder panel, click on ” Edit Button”, you will see setting are as below.

magento page builder

You are totally capable of building as many pages as you expected. Just by hitting ” Add new” button. Then create your own page, add block, select widget and configure details as you want.

To sum up, we believe that this Magento Page Builder will be the best tool for you to build page/layout and manage theme . If you have any suggestion please feel free to tell us in the box below.

If you still confuse about this Tutorials, please feel free to contact our professional support team with more than 7 years of experiences for more helpful aid.

All questions are always welcomed. Contact us now! Magento Development Services

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