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Venustheme has launched Magento Custom Work Service Today

For the purpose of improving our customer service and bringing greater services for all, Venustheme has launched Magento Custom Work Service. This service are launched to support you complete Magento projects. If you are looking for solution to reduce time, money and effort. We believe Venustheme are the right choice. No matter what you want, we will process it effectively and efficiently.

To ensure the quality , we limit the number of projects to 10 per days. Please notice that all tickets within the support scope are for free. The other issues that are out of support scope such as customization or new features will be politely refused. To meet such additional demands, we offer custom service at extra cost. Let’s see what custom service package we offer.

Why Our Magento Custom Work Service?

– Always help you to finish Projetcs on time.
– Bring many different options for members.
– Reduce the projetc abandon rate due to lack of service.

Our Magento Custom Service

custom work service

Magento Custom Work

# Quickstart installation- Free for membership users.

# Manual Installation of themes and extensions.

# Custom work service

We offer you magento stuffs such as
Customizing layout system.
Issue fixing(Css and JS).
Upgrade to new version.
Create extensions.
Any kind of custom works

# Full site development.

We help you to build a complete site as your want. Coming with us, we make sure that you will totally satisfy. Order today to build your own amazing Magento store. For more information, please visit our Magento Custom Service Section here: http://www.venustheme.com/service/. If you have any question, feel free to tell us via live chat or send us your question via email: [email protected]

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