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Best Magento 2 themes Vertical menu


Vertical menu becomes more popular in Magento 2 themes. Your page is designed  neatly and clean when you use vertical Menu. Normally, your page and product is shown on your page following the column. It is easy to you when you use this for Smartphones. Your menu on the page site is professional. Your customers can see clearly your items in your menu. It seems that time-saving for them when living the crowded and fast life.

Firstly, your vertical menu brings useful, nice and professional for your page. And now, please to view at our store magento 2 themes which has vertical menu module.

1. Ves Evolution

Ves Evolution- Best for Magento 2 Electronic theme. With support of Mobile menu and Vertical Menu, your menu is shown perfectly on your site. With impressive 14 Homepages, your customers will be surprised about your shopping experience.


Magento Theme  Live Demo

2. Ves Fresh

Ves Fresh-Best for Magento 2 Food Theme. With Vertical Menu in this theme, you can create your menu professionally and attractively.

Ves Fresh

Magento Theme  Live Demo

3. Ves Crafk

In Ves Crafk- Magento 2 Furniture Theme also has Vertical Menu. Your menu site is shown neatly and cleanly.


Magento Theme  Live Demo

4. Ves Gosmart

Unique and Attract designs helps to create smart and professional Ecommerce site: Super market, Electronics, Shoes,..


Magento Theme Live Demo

5. Ves Bishop

Bishop is created to satisfy the demands of fashion, digital, electronics, accessories store owners.


Magento Theme Live Demo

6. Ves Eveprest ( Coming Soon)

Ves Eveprest is a super innovative, robust reliable, clean code and rich feature Magento 2 theme which is built friendly any Ecommerce Store like Fashion Store, Accessories Store, Shoes Store. It is totally easy to customize for Mobiles, Desktops, Tablets,..etc to expose perfectively any store with powerful administration settings.


Magento Theme Live Demo

7. Ves Mohawk

With 12+ beautiful homepages in Magento 2 Multiple Stores Theme, you can build your online store smarter than ever.


Magento Theme Live Demo

8. Ves Gemme

Best choice to show your Gemme store, Jewelry store, Precious and Semi-precious Gemstones, Rubies, Diamonds

gemme magento 2 jewelry theme

Magento Theme Live Demo

9. Ves Gandesport

Gandesport is an intuitive, flexible and powerful Magento 2.x Theme. Gandesport will be perfect for any kind of eCommerce website such as Sport, Car, Bike, Fashion, Shoes, etc. The best Drag n Drop Page Builder lets you edit your content in real time. It will save tons of time.


Magento Theme Live Demo

10. Ves Art Home

Extremely suitable for Furniture store, Houseware. Showing Furnishing, Decorate House, Department, Offices effectively.

Ves Arthome Best magento 2 theme furniture

Magento Theme Live Demo

11. Ves Melody

Ves Melody Magento 2 Music store Theme is decorated by stunning Instruments images sliders in each Homepages and Layouts.

melody magento 2 music theme

Magento Theme Live Demo

12. Ves Cricket

Ves Cricket is a Best Magento 2 Electronics Theme with catchy images, clean layouts, modern styles designs. It meets and fits any e-commerce websites and your store look more trendy and modern.


Magento Theme Live Demo

13. Ves Owen Magento2

Ves Owenstore is extremely modern, aesthetic, clean, highly flexible Magento 2 Theme. It is built with Bootstrap, the best Magento Page Builder, Drag n Drop Mega Menu and various options for better customization.


Magento Theme Live Demo

14. Ves Floristy

This Floristy theme is a large design space to display each element impressively and clearly with necessary information of product and hovering effects on Homepage. It is really Eye-catching Images for customers at the first visiting your site.

Ves Floristy Magento 2 Flower shop Theme

Magento Theme Live Demo

15. Ves Flipcart Magento 2

Flipcart is the best Magento 2 Multi-store Theme. It is shown well for Food store, Electronic store, Kid store, and Fashion store.

flipcart magento 2 multistore theme

Magento Theme Live Demo

16. Ves Freshmarket- Magento 2 theme Vertical menu

One of the updated and latest version magento 2 themes vertical Menu, Ves Freshmarket as a result of combining tons of modern and convenient support to your beloved customers. Your favorite products: Fresh store, Car shop, Vegetable Store, your customers easily to check and find out their items.


Magento Theme   Live Demo

17. Ves Bigmart- Magento 2 themes vertical menu

What is your first sight about the Magento 2 Ves Bigmart Vertical menu? What amazing your page is!

ves bigmart- Magento 2 themes vertical menu

Magento Theme   Live Demo

18. Ves Superstore

Your customer can search easily your items in your menu. Will you love it?



Magento Theme   Live Demo

19. Ves Emarket

The Magento 2 themes Vertical menu in our store is Ves Emarket. Ves Emarket included that vertical menu. Your products can be exposed to immediately.

Emarket- Magento 2 themes Vertical menu

Magento Theme   Live Demo

20. Fashion

Your fashion collection is display more attractively and interestingly. All clothes for Men and Women which you can choose exactly what they want.
 Ves Fashion

Magento Theme   Live Demo

21. Ves Micmart

Your menu appearances in vertical side. It seems easily when you touch and drag on any devices or smartphones.


Magento Theme   Live Demo

22. Ves Pencil

You don’t be surprised that Ves pencil is also in This collection. Thanks to having Vertical menu, Ves Pencil is more meaningful for each Magento 2 designers.


Magento Theme   Live Demo

23. Ves Flashshop

Ves Flashshop is released already. It includes vertical Menu inside. Your customers can freely discover your page and search fast your items and choose axactly they want instead of spending much time on this. So you can experience to shopping fantastically.


Magento Theme   Live Demo

24. Ves Amaze (Coming soon)

Ves Amaze is a premium Magento 2 Theme created by Venustheme in order to serve the purpose of showing off and selling furniture for all kinds of home decoration such as furniture, accessory, kitchen, lighting and so on.


Magento Theme Live Demo

25. Ves Techone (Coming soon)

Ves Techone should be name of the game for the list of choice.

Magento Theme Live Demo

26. Ves Aveda (Coming soon)

Ves Aveda is built with the expectation of creating your Beauty Salon as long as other Ecommerce stores with ease.

Magento Theme Live Demo

27. Ves Office Furniture

Office Furniture is one of the most influential key factors which decide the impression and inspiration for an office.


Magento Theme Live Demo

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