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Magento 2 Theme Luma compare with “Madison Island” theme

Luma magento 2 theme

As you may know, new Magento 2 CE Frontend Demohas built by Magento hosting partner. This demo show the performance and functionality updates with Magento 2 CE platform.

Compared to it’s predecessor Magento 1.x default “Madison Island” theme, Luma is more clean, eyecatching that has adopted better usability practices.

In this blogpost, I will show you an overview of the main differences between default magento 2 themes and default magento 1.x theme. Because Magento CE version 2 is still in the development process, this article maybe updated sometimes.

#1. Magento 2 Theme – Homepage:

Like in the backend, magento 2 demo store frontend change the default color on the frontend. It is designed with discreet gray colors with a lot of free space where you can place banner or any else necessary for better sale.

Beside, the change of look and feel, this magento 2 themes Luma has change from carousel into tiles.

Why Carousel is replaced by tiles.
Carousels are one of the menthod of display a lot of information attractively without sacrificing screen real estate. However, one of the issues that a carousel have is it’s automatic advancement of slides that reduces accessibility.
Luma is solving that issue with tiles. Now, tiles make customer experience and search for information easier.

magento 2 theme demo


Luma Tile Text

White every element look great and nice on desktop, text and layout on other resolutions are not properly scaling towards smaller screen sizes.


On 480px you can easily notice issue with inequality of the tiles’ width. That inequality creates inconsistency and makes it difficult for users to track content.

Product listing

In the homepage, product image are showcased larger(195px x 243px).The product are shown in 2 rows, the second row is not completed yet.


Menu in the homepage

In the navigation area, there is no dropdown indicators. You only can see subcategories if you hover on the specific link in the navigation.
magento 2 menu

#2. Magento 2 Theme’s Category Page:

The catagory page look neat and modern with product image orientation and rich snippets. Moreover, product is shown with clear call to action and price that is much more attractive than magento 1.x theme.

In the magento 2.x theme, the product listing a big improvement. Compared to Madison that the default width is 680px and Luma is 980px. Because of that extra 300px, product image thumbnails are more prominent.


#3. Magento 2 Theme’s Product Page:

Product page is very neat and clean. Products images are big enough so users should not have troubles identifying the product. Details are also showncase clear and understandable.
However, in the area “other products you might like!” is still not completed with product that visual gap is created and eye loses focus.



#4. Magento 2 Theme’s Cart and Checkout Page:

On the Cart page, there is 1 steps checkout for customer fulfill the information. Then, it show Reviews & Payments and ” Promo Code” area in the second tabs. Compared to Madison that requires 6 steps, this is a great improvement too. However, the checkout page still look simple. There is no choice for customer to update or change their order. It means that when shopper change their mind, they have to comes back pduct page to add to cart again.

checkout page

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