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Magento 2 Release Date 2015


Q4 2015 is coming and most of magento users are interested in magento 2 release date and schedule

In Imagine 2015, it is announced that magento will follow the schedule. This good news means Magento Merchant General Availability.

If you forgot, we will show you the the milestones

magento 2-release-date

>> In Q1 2015,  we enter a 2.0 Developer Release Candidate. The architecture and general code are stable by then, this is final test version of the software, stability/bug is fixed.

>> In Q3 2015 we go into Merchant Beta. In this stage, shop operators can test and use this version, errors can not be excluded.

>> At end of 2015 Magento 2 will be fully released. The version has been released or the practical use and available on the Magento website is.

>> So from start of 2016 in theory you will see sites live. Errors and functions are fixed and integrated by updates

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