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Magento 2 install theme | Quickstart Installation Tutorials

magento 2 install theme quickstart installation

As you can see, quickstart package will save your time and efforts on installing magento 2 theme for each demo site. Hence in this post, we will show magento 2 install theme tutorial for you. You just need to follow step by step, we make sure that it’s worth for reading

Please notice that with quickstart installation, all of your existing data will be overwritten. Hence, it is highly recommended to install quickstart as your first installation or just in case you would like to start your site from scratch.

1: Prerequisites

>> Install XAMPP via this link  https://www.apachefriends.org/index.html
If you already installed XAMPP, please check whether it meets the below Magento 2 requirements.
Apache: 2.2 or 2.4
PHP: >=5.4.11 or 5.5.x
MySQL: 5.6.x

Step 1. Extract quickstart package file

After downloading theme, you need to extract the quickstart file which named “theme_name_quickstart.zip”. For instance: ves_ishop_quickstart.zip

magento 2 quickstart installation

Step 2: Upload quickstart package file into webroot folder.

4-7-2016 9-06-59 AM

Step 3: Setup Database using phpmyadmin

(goto: http://localhost , there will be a link on the left to goto phpmyadmin)

create database magento 2 installation

Step 4: Import database

In the file “theme_name.zip” you have extracted, you need to import the file “sql/database.sql” into database which you have just created


To import database file, please go to phpmyadmin of your site >> click on your database which you created before >> click on top bar button “Import” >> Browse the database.sql in the folder sql above, then run import sql file as below image

import file

Step 5: Install theme

>> To install theme, please open browser and go to http://localhost/ves_ishop to get started.


Step 6: Installation run

Please follow these below step to run installation.

>> Choose Start Readiness Check. After Start Readiness Check is completed, select Next


>> you need to click on ” Start Readiness Check” first,  then it will be like the below image


>>  Enter server and database in step 2 and then click on Next

magento 2 install theme 4

>>  Put your website link and continue to click on Next

 Put your website link and continue to click on Next

>> Customize your store: you can choose time Zone, Currency and Languages

 Customize your store

>> You need to Create Admin Account. Enter your information and move to the next step.

You need to Create Admin Account

>> In this final step, you should click on the button: Install Now

install now
>> It will take some minutes to complete this magento 2 install theme process. If your window is the same as below, CONGRAT! You install Ves Ishop theme successfully

 install  theme successfully

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    Harvey Randall May 9, 2017 at 5:55 pm - Reply

    Hey there,

    Any tutorial helps users to get that easily. Here your installation tutorial on Magento 2 theme will also be helpful for the users. Thanks for your nice effort.

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