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3 Quickest ways for Magento 2 enable module| Venustheme


In Magento 2, there are a lot of way to enable or disable module. But to guiding for beginners, I decide to introduce ” 3 quickest ways for Magento 2 enable module” on Venustheme site.

1. Click on  Store >>> Configuration

1.Configuration Magento 2 enable mudule


 Advanced >>> Advanced

2.Advanced -magento 2 enable module

In this list of Modules in the “Disable module output“, you can see all of modules in this page. Moreover, you can see ” Magento _” is default in Magento. Lof_ is defaulted to Landofcoder

Option 1: You can enter Store >>> Configuration >>> Advanced >>> Advanced

Choose Modules you want to disable or enable. After that, you click on “save“and refresh cache

3. option1. Magento 2 enable Module

Option 2: Store >>> Configuration:

At the vendor Magento Modules:

3.Vendor- Magento 2 enable module

Then choose Modules you want to disable/enable it. Finally ” Save config

option-2- Magento 2 enable module

Option 3: System >>> Web setup Wizard

option3- Magento 2 enable module

Component manager >>

option3-Magento 2 enable mudule

At “Action ” select choose “Enable“:

1.step3-magento 2 enable module

Have you choosen option for you? With the simpliest options, I hope you get and understand the magento 2 knowledge to enable module

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