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Magento 2 database structure


In the previous post, we have discussed “Magento 2 theme structure: siginificant changes of directory and file structure“. You can identify that Magento 2 comes with many significant changes in folder structure compared with Magento 1.x. Likewise, Magento 2 database structure also has large modification, too.

Magento2 still use the EAV databtase structure for such entity as product, category, customer address, order,…. Read more information about EAV database strucutre at Magento ORM: Entity Attribute Value or Magento EAV Database Structure.

Today, we show you the difference of the database structure between Magento 2 and Magento 1.x.

Number of Table and Attribute

Number of Table and Attribute

Module register table

In Magento 1.x, we all know that the module register table is core_resource. But this table can’t find in Magento 2, it was removed. Instead, when we look through the table in Magento2 database or read some PHP code to register module, we will find the new table is setup_module and it have structure same as core_resource.

magento 2 register_module

Name change for some tables

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