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How to add magento 2 customer groups

magento 2 add customer groups

As you know, since Magento 2  is updated, the number of customers use Magento 2 for their site raise dramatically. So an amount of customers climbs significantly. To separating our customers to each group to easily control guests. So in this tutorial, we will introduce to you “ how to add magento 2 customer groups“. But before showing for you the customer groups , I will display for you add customer first:

1. Add new customer

Please navigate customers —> all customers and then click to “ add new customer

add customer

add new magento 2 customer

  • Account information: Fullfill all of detail of customer
  • Address: you can add billing address and shipping address of guests

account information

address customer

2. Add customer in Groups:

StoreCustom groups Add new customer group:

magento 2 add customer groups

At customer group your ID and Tax class about the existing customers in the page. Then click to “add new customer group” → add group name save new customer group. When you create a “customer group” so you will give a big benefits for customers about lowered tax and special tax class we have add you for them which will certainly make theme purchase even more goods from our store.

magento 2 add customer groups

To summarize, by this tutorial you can easily add magento 2 customer groups. So you can not only save your time to control your customer but also enhance your service quality.

If you have any concerns in this tutorial field, please view more at our following related post in Magento 2 or feel free to leave your comment here to contact us. In case, you need to customize any things on your site, please feel free to contact us to [email protected] Some of the small changes are free of charge, get more detail about our custom work service here: Magento Development Services

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