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Ultimate way for Magento 2 Add Category


By virtue of product must be assigned at least one category. So you have to create the category first then assign the product to at least 1 category. Thus, category appears with the upside-down tree structure on top. Each section of category can be expanded and collapsed. Below that, you can have as many additional subcategories as you need. In terms of this tutorial, we will provide Full Guidance in Magento 2 Add Category

To Create Magento 2 Add Category , you can experience:

  • Add Root category
  • Add Subcategory
  • Hide Category

Sign in the Admin Panel ->  Product -> Categories

Magento 2 add category

I. Add Root Category Magento 2

2. add rootcategory

Fill all basic information:

  • Enable category to “Yes”
  • Set include in menu “Yes”
  • Enter name of Root category: Women


Then “Save” and continue

II. Add Subcategory Magento 2

Choose last created Root category Women and Choose “Add subcategory”


+ General Information:

  • Enable category ” Yes”
  • Include in Menu “Yes”
  • Category name: Jacket


Fill All Content, Display Settings, Search Engine Optimization, Product category, Design, Schedule Design Update

Then “Save” then you will see created sub category:


III. Applied New Root Category for your store:

Back to Store -> All Stores:


Choose Main Website store which you want to set Root Category in this:


Choose last new Root Category:


Tap “Save store”

IV. Add Hidden category

Go to Admin -> Product -> Categories. Select category you want to hide: We will hide category “Women “

2.9 3.0

  • Include in menu “No”
  • Enable category ” No”
  • Next to “Anchor” click ” No“.

So Hidden category is active but doesn’t appear in the Top menu. Hence, the category is hidden, you can create subcategory beneath it and make them active as normal.

  • Set Enable Category to “Yes.”
  • In the Display Settings section, set Anchor to “Yes.”

As active categories, you can now link to them from other places in your store, but they will not appear in the menu. When complete, tap ” Save”.

However, when you create Root category, you don’t want to use this category is the highest level in your store. So if you want to delete Root category. Please make sure no Storeview assign by this category. So to Delete Root category you need to:

Admin Panel -> Store -> All Stores -> Choose Website you want to re-assign ” Default category”


-> Save Store


Back to: Product -> Categories -> Then Root category you want to delete.

You’ve completely full process in Add Category Magento 2.x. If you prefer to watch Video, please watch detail below;
How To Add Category In Magento 2
In case, you have any concerns, please leave your comment here or view more Related Tutorials on Venustheme to get your own understanding.

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