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10+ Best Advanced Magento 2.1 Themes | Premium Magento 2.1 Templates

feature 10+ Magento 2.1 Themes

As you know, Magento is always changing and updating new Features. So Venustheme, we are very proud of introducing Our Themes updated to Magento version 2.1. This Magento 2.1 comes with a lot of useful features in Paypal Payment method, Braintree structure, Advanced Management Interface, Safety Security Enhancement and Smart Requirements. It is applied for not only Magento Themes but also Magento Extensions. So All Venus themes are the great all-in-one combination. Moreover, some themes in this list are magento 2 free themes. It is very great and convenient. In terms of this Blog, I will show you how they becomes perfectively with list of “10+ Best Magento 2.1 themes” on Venustheme.

1. Ves Evolution

evolution magento 2 themes

Magento Theme Live Demo

Surely, you will be wondered that why I choose Ves Evolution in the first this topic. Being the first in the number of Themes in Venustheme store Magento, Ves Evolution has Huge Homepages( 19+ Homepages & Childthemes) both quality and quantity.

Ves Evolution is released in August 2016. With stunning Homepages, ease to use and Advanced Modules, Ves Evolution becomes more attractively and prevalently with all customers.

A notable is that Ves Evolution is shown best for Electronic store, Digital store, Ceramic-Furniture store and Kitchen store. But your creativity is not limit because the customization in this theme is endless. Thanks to useful features, Ves Evolution and all Magento Themes allows to customize easily. You can edit directly on your site without paying any more fee.
It is amazing, isn’t it?

2. Ves Sportshop


Magento Theme Live Demo

To similar Ves Evolution, Ves Sportshop is also built on Magento 2.1. It is shown well on any devices. Such as: Tablets, Mac book, Desktops, Laptop and so on. Design in Ves Sportshop gives feeling Active, Dynamic, Young, Refresh your mind. And it is very suited to Sportshop. You can be impressed with color background. It is a result of the smart creativity in the modern design.

Moreover, with the great of combination in color and design idea, you can displayed for Sport shop, Gym-Fitness Center, Sport Tool, Terrain Vehicles and So on.

In addition, you will experience in shopping wonderfully with Fast Loading Page, Quick Search, Convenient Selection. Customers will be fell in love with your site. It pushes your competitive rate to the high peak.

3. Ves Fresh

Ves Fresh

Magento Theme Live Demo

If you are really interested in Ves Evolution with Amazing Homepage and Huge useful Childtheme. For Ves Sportshop, you are surprised about Dynamic and Active Level. But Ves Fresh is different. It is designed for Food store, Vegetable store, Grocery Store. In the first sight, you can feel cool color with Bright Fresh color tone. You can design your store same the demo.

Moreover, your customers will be impressed by stunning slider, HOT deal product displayed at the center of homepage. New Arrivals, featured product show prominently on homepage to draw customers’ attention to your products

4. Ves Cropshop

ves cropshop

Magento Theme Live Demo

Ves Cropshop is show best for Fashion store both for Men-Women store, Kids store and Sport store.

Ves Cropshop is one of responsive Magento 2 Theme. It has tons of stunning unique designs. With eye-catching Homepages, Unique Product Page and Amazing Page. Moreover, Ves Cropshop offers you Homepage layouts, Category Layouts, Multiple Skins for your choices.

In addition, with tons of Awesome Modules support and nice features & showcase, Ves Cropshop is decorated your store more outstanding from other competitors. Detail of Modules in this theme: Hot Deal With Countdown Timer, Touch Optimized Product List, Testimonial showcase, Instagram Integration, Unique Product Page, Dynamic mega menu, Blog and So on.

5. Ves Global

Ves Global

Magento Theme Live Demo

Ves Global is shown best for Supermarket store Because it is designed for Multistore which is very compatible with supermarket. Supermarket is place where you can display for a lot of kind products for your store. It is very convenient.

Best Magento 2 Theme For Food and Beverage Shop, Baby care Store, Beauty Salon.

Are you looking for beautiful magento 2 theme which provide great shopping experience for your customers? Ves Global will be a smart choice

With the support of ajax add to cart and auto update quantity, your customers will be freely add many items as they want without interruption.

Moreover, you can find a number of amazing features that enhance site management, customer experience, marketing, search and navigation. You don not need to believe in us, just see our demo to how amazing it is.

6. Ves Ishop


Magento Theme Live Demo

Ves Ishop is also one of the best Magento 2.1 Themes on Venustheme. It is very popular with Kidstore, Fashion store, Furniture store, Jewelery store and so on.

Specially, you can show your store in the easiest way. Such as: New Arrivals, Boys and Girls Fashion. Besides, you can run promotion Campaign on your site. Customers can know and control your time by supporting Hot Deal with Countdown Timer. So your site can attract a lot of Loyalty Customers and Potential Customers.

Thus, you also have space for review customers’s comments, Share the post relevant Product on your Product Page. Customers can feel about your shop and Customer Service carefully and professionally.

7. Ves Sunbox

Sunbox magento 2.1 Themes

Magento Theme Live Demo

If you are stylist, the essential thing makes your style more professional, Elegant and Luxury. So Ves Sunbox is. It is all necessary things for a Fashion Store specially for any kinds of Glasses store, Fashion shop such as Men Fashion and Women Fashion.

By virtue of using Mega Menu and Vertical Menu, Ves Page builder, Hot Deal with Countdown Timer, Smart Blog, Unlimited Customization, and Powerful Admin Panel. So customers can experience shopping with Amazing Loading Page, Professionally services.

8. Ves Envy

Ves Envy Magento 2.1 Themes

Magento Theme Live Demo

Ves Envy is best for Magento 2.1 Fashion Theme on Venustheme. It is shown well for Men Shop and Women shop, Handmade Shop and Accessories store Glasses shop, Boutique shop, Lingerie, Technology and so on.

Ves Envy comes with modern, neat, luxury design. It becomes one of the best Magento 2.1 Themes on Venustheme. In addition, it can be displayed on any kind of screens and devices. Such as: Laptops, Desktops, Tablets and Macbooks.

Also Ves Envy showcase your New Arrivals, Bestsellers on your Store. It’s very useful. By Amazing Features let your customers to pay good attention to your site.

9. Ves Oshop

vesves oshop magento 2.1 Themes

Magento Theme Live Demo

Thanks to using Magento 2.1, ves Oshop becomes more attractively in Men Fashion store, Accessories store. It is displayed well for Shoes, Handbags, Clothes, Wallets and so on.

This Magento 2.1 theme Ves Oshop also comes with tons of Amazing features such as Incredible Loading Page, 100% Responsive and Retina, Quickly checkout process, Intuitive admin panel, Beautiful image slider, Quick view product, Vertical menu, Touch optimize carousel, Fast layered navigation, Drag n Drop magento 2 Page builder, Block builder, Live Css tool, Powerful blog extension.
Interestingly, you can create your store with this theme easily and Extremely conveniently. You can save time and money for installing and filtering. Your customers also have chance to experience shopping fantastically. It helps your site to the high conversion rate.

10. Ves Vigoss

Vigoss magento 2.1 themes

Magento Theme Live Demo

Being the last in the list Best Magento 2.1 themes on Venus, Ves Vigoss comes with tons of Amazing Features and Functionalities.

To specify, this theme is shown well for Electronic store, Digital store, Camera store, Fashion store, Gym, Shoes, Glasses, Accessories. Moreover, Ves Vigoss is inherited from Magento 2.1 blank theme & Use Magento 2.1 UI, Combine with Bootstrap 3.x Layout Components.

Finally, thanks to being with Bootstrap 3, this Magento 2 Theme is fully Responsive. It is shown better on any kind of Devices such as Mobiles, Desktops, Macbooks, Tablets, Laptops. Especially, at present, the trend of Mobile shopping is increasing significantly. By this useful support, you can convert it to the sale for your store.

In conclusion, all “10+ Best Magento 2.1 Themes” already brings to your store new experiences and interesting feeling. With the updating Advanced Modules to Magento 2.1, our themes on Venustheme appears with New Interfaces which is decided Customers to your site more and more. Furthermore, you can take part in Magento Theme Club on Venustheme with only $84 to get access about 45+ High Quality Themes for your store. (The number of 45 is always continuing updated and added Monthly).

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