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How to Use Magento Rule-Based Product Relations To Increase Sales

Magento Rule-Based Product Relations

As you may know that related product are useful ways of boosting your sales. Although there is an increasing demand of catalog product, it is quite difficult to introduce your customer to the ever growing number of products in your catalog

Hence, Ves Rule-Based Product List is released to supports you to create a wanted list of products based on attribute, types, conditions of items. With Ves Rule-Based Product List, to create a rule list is very simple. Also, this module is easy to configure too.

Before being able to take use of Magento Rule-Based Product Relations, it is necessary to understand the most favourite methods including Latest, New Arrival, Special, Most Popular, Best Seller, Top Rate, Random, Best Value.

>> How to Use Magento Rule-Based Product Relations

Firstly, please go to Magento admin panel >> Add Rule
Once you have chosen this option, you will see five tabs where you can add the criteria and defines how you will add related products as well as who you target at

1. General Tab/ Information Tab

Magento Rule-Based Product Relations1

Title: Please provide the name for your product rule here.

Url Key: This url key is one of the most important source where you can lead product to your rule list

Status: When set to “Active”, this rule will be applied to your product catalog.
Storeview: Choose storeview you want it to be shown
Customer groups: Choose group of customer you want target at

2. Condition Tab

Magento Rule-Based Product Relations2

Condition tab is one of the most important tabs of 1 rule. When you choose (+) it will show a list of attribute. Based on those attributes you can make connection in order to create a list of product as you want

3. Display Setting Tab

Magento Rule-Based Product Relations 3

Display Setting Tab allow you manage your rule display such as: Show/hide timer countdown, show/hide out of stock product, limit product…

4. Custom Design Tab

Magento Rule-Based Product Relations 4 4

In the Custom Design Tab, you can choose page layout and configure active date

5. SEO

Magento Rule-Based Product Relations 4 4 5

As other extensions, our Magento Rule-Based Product Relations support you to optimize your page with google search engine.

If you still confuse about this Tutorials, please feel free to contact our professional support team with more than 7 years of experiences for more helpful aid.

All questions are always welcomed. Contact us now! Magento Development Services

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