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How to Setup Magento 2 Sitemap?


In general, the sitemap is a plain text XML file which contains the links to all of the pages on your Magento 2 store. It helps search Engine robots can index your store page and images. Specifically, it can find the ignore pages by web crawlers. So it is the best way to better your store ranking position.

Magento 2 brings a plenty of great improvements regarding SEO and Sitemaps. I absolutely fall in love with them. Especially, like the new possibility to change the sitemap’s name. Also, the automatized inclusion sitemaps in XML file helps any busy SEO manager. Hence, your page needs to update day by day the new exact content changes of your store, which is very necessary for crawlers index your store page with exact result. It is also a good practice because it improves the SEO of your Magento store.

In terms of this tutorials, we will guide you the way to Setup Magento 2 Sitemap. Let’s see

Go to Stores > Settings > Configuration > Catalog > XML Sitemap

1. magento 2 sitemap
Categories Options:

2. magento 2 sitemap

At Categories Options: Set Frequency and Priority for your category Option.

  • Set Frequency: Select choice from the drop-down menu. You can set for your category update by hours or daily and so on. “Never” is the function to null out all above functions.
  • Priority: Enter the value range of number from 0.0 to 1.0

Products Options

3. magento 2 sitemap

Set same as category, you can set product (frequency and priority- (compulsory) and image with frequency and priority.

  • Add Images into Sitemap: All/ None / Base only Choose AllCMS Pages Options:4. magento 2 sitemap
  • Fill all information for Frequency, priority,.

Generation Settings:

5. magento 2 sitemap

Expand Generation Settings Field:

  • Enabled to Yes
  • Start Time: Set the time for sitemap start to update
  • Frequency: Set time period to update sitemap
  • Error Email Recipient: Enter email which will receive notification mail about Sitemap update
  • Error Email Sender: Expand the drop-down menu, choose general contact
  • Error Email Template: It is chose based on theme fallback when “default” option is selected
Sitemap File Limits:

6. magento 2 sitemap

Open Sitemap File Limits:

Set maximum the number of URL per file and File Size includes a sitemap. By default, set:

  • Maximum No of URLs Per File: 50000
  • Maximum File Size: 10.485.760 Bytes

Search Engine Submission Settings


  • Enable Submission to Robots.txt: Choose Yes/ No

When completed your process, enter “Save Config” and then choose cache management to refresh your store. Since you finished the configuration store, all store page can be index by search engine crawling bot. This guide is the main guide for you to better your SEO.

This is the end of the tutorial. Hope you succeed setting Magento 2 sitemap.

If you haven’t, don’t worry. You can easily contact our professional support team with more than 7 years of experiences for more helpful aid.

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