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How to modify magento theme files | Learn how to create a child theme of venustheme


We have received several questions about how to modify magento theme files or the ways of creating child theme from our magento themes. Hence we decided to write this post to guide you.  We will take one of our theme – Ves Golmart as an example. Please follow this guide step by step.

How to modify magento theme files

To apply new design layout, you need to add modification folder to template folder: app/design/frontend/ves_golmart/. Next, please go to admin panel >> system >> configuration >> design >> themes to choose default design layout = modification.

Step 1:
Firstly, you need to download the attach file at here: Ves Golmart – Modification.ZIP( www.venustheme.com/cloud/ves_golmart_modification.zip). Next, please upload and unzip it into the webroot folder of your site (we did create 2 folders app/design/frontend/ves_golmart/modification/, and skin/frontend/ves_golmart/modification/).
Step 2:
Now you need to go to admin panel >> system configuration >> General >> Design >> change design layout = “modification” and package = “ves_golmart”. Please take a look at our example as below.

step 1. How to modify theme

Step 3:
In the next step, please go to admin panel >> Venustheme >> Ves theme panel >> Theme control panel >> edit the theme setting item as you want. Then set default theme = “ves_golmart/modification”

step 3. How to modify theme

Step 4:
Go to admin panel >> Venustheme >> Ves Pages Builder >> manage page profiles >> Edit chosen home page layout profile >> Open “CMS Information” tab > Choose Custom Theme = “Please select”

step 4. How to modify theme

Please notice that to show the custom theme layout in our theme control panel (ves_tempcp). In your custom theme layout, the skin folder should contain the file skin/frontend/ves_golmart/modification/etc/config.ini.

How to change demo layout after install quickstart

>> Please go to to admin >> System >> Manager Stores


Then choose “Edit main website ” >> Change default store


If you still confuse about this Tutorials, please feel free to contact our professional support team with more than 7 years of experiences for more helpful aid.

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