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How To Install Magento 2 Sample Data Before Magento Installation


To continue the series of magento 2 development article, today we will share with you how to install magento 2 sample data before you install magento software.

I. Before Installation

1. Please make a choice of the version of magento/sample-data you want
2. Run the  Composer config and composer require command to update composer.json

II. Update composer.json

1: Get access to your magento server as the web server user or a user with root privileges.

2. Change to magento installation directory

3. Duplicate Composer.json to have a backup copy.
cp composer.json composer.json.bak

4. Open Composer.json with text editor

install magento 2 sample  data 1

5: Please add "minimum-stability": "beta", before license as below

Install Magento 2 Data Sample step 2

6. Save your changes to composer.json and in the text editor.

7. Insert the below command to reference Magento packages in composer.json:
composer config repositories.magento composer http://packages.magento.com
Install Magento 2 Data Sample step 4

Install Magento 2 Data Sample step 6

8. Insert the below command to get the current version of the sample data package

composer require magento/sample-data:<version>

For example:
composer require magento/sample-data:1.0.0-beta

Install Magento 2 Data Sample step 7

9: Wait while dependencies are installed.
>> Then,  please Log into MySQL to create database ( Run Xampp >> open http://localhost/phpmyadmin)

create database

>> Then, open browser and go to: http://localhost/magento20/ to start install Magento 2.0

installation run

Installation Run:

Follow this below steps to run Installation process

Step 1

>> Choose Start Readiness Check. After Start Readiness Check is completed, select Next

installation run 2
>> Now please click on ” Start Readiness Check” first then it will be like the below image

installation run 3

Step 2

>> Enter server and database in step 2 and then click on Next Button


Step 3

>> Insert your website link and continue to click on Next Button

Step 4

>> Customize your store: you can choose time Zone, Currency and Languages

installation run 6_1
Step 5

>> It’s necessary to  Create Admin Account.  Please enter your information and move to the next step


Step 6

>> In this step, please click on the button: Install Now

installation run 81
>> It will take some minutes to complete this installation process. If your window is the same as below, CONGRAT! You install Magento 2.0 successfully

Lastly, open your site and you can see the result of the process of installing magento 2 sample data.

In case, you prefer to watch video, you can watch our below tutorial video. if you have any queries, please send us your question to http://www.venustheme.com/questions/, our Magento expert will support you in any single step.

How To Install Magento 2 Sample Data

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  1. Avatar
    Shah Ankit October 23, 2015 at 4:43 pm - Reply

    Excellent tutorial so far for Magento 2 with Video as i seen.
    Spent whole day. Why Installation is so much complicated & taking this much time?
    Set memory_limit = 1G in php.ini
    On WAMP Windows 10 with Sample Data, at 98% while Installing Configurable Products it takes more than 1 hour,
    1st attempt of installation my WAMP server down,
    2nd attempt of installation finally got success 🙂

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