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How to Edit Magento 2 Page Layout Themes


To edit layout page for Website is really not ease to do. Normally, customers have to add complicate command line to edit. Now, get rid of that complicated step and take it easy with our Venustheme Magento Themes. Thanks to including Page builder in each theme, the installation of each theme for Ecommerce Store. Our Page Builder is well-known extensions for build/ edit Homepage layout, Content CMS Page. This tutorial I will help you edit Magento 2 Page Layout Themes. You can display your store like 1 column, 2 column, 3 column as you want.

Firstly, our Magento 2 Themes have same construction: Theme ->Homepage -> Block Builder. So to edit Magento 2 page layout Themes , we will introduce the way to edit Block builder and Homepages.

I. Edit Block builder:

Admin panel -> Ves Page Builder -> Manage Block Builder: If you want to edit Footer, CMS page, …

Choose Block Builder ” Global Footer Top” to Edit:

Open Design:


Then You will see all construction of this block:

Let’s start to edit layout: With the sample of Demo theme, you already have Block on your site. You can choose block need to change and edit it layout and content:

1. Add more block:


Delete Block:

2.0. delete row2. Add Column:

Then click ” Add column”. In case, if you want to add more column in this block, you can click once, twice ” add column” to choose it. Like this:

+ One time:

1.3. add collum

+ 2- 3 times click on ” Add column”

2.3. devide collum

+ Settings Column:

1.5. setting

Fill all information Column settings: Padding & Margin:

1.5. setting1

+ Delete Column:

1.4. delete collum

3. Add Row:

+ Add row: In each widget, you can set decide row for your block.

1.6. add row

+ Edit Row Short Code:

1.7. edit row

Edit row settings:

1.8. edit row setting



For each row, or column, you want to add Widget you can click that:



II. Edit Homepages

: At homepage, you can follow these steps: Ves page Builder -> Manage page Profile:


Choose Homepages to edit Layout of content your site: Thanks to building homepage bases on Block Builder. All steps to edit layout is the same process to edit Block ( Above)

3.0.1. edit homepage

That all our tutorials to edit Magento 2 Themes ( Included Magento 2 Themes of Venustheme or other providers). If themes on Venustheme, you can edit directly on them. For themes from other providers, you are able to Edit Magento 2 Themes by Ves Page Builder on Venustheme, then edit layout same the way I note at this Tutorials. In case, you need to customize any things on your site, please feel free to contact us to [email protected] Some of the small changes are free of charge, get more detail about our custom work service here:Magento Development Services

Don’t be hesitated! Get simple and easy process to edit layout page now!

Magento 2 Themes Ves Page Builder

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