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How to Create and Configure Magento 2 Tax? | Ultimate Guide Tax

This tutorial includes Guides in text and Video. It will help you about to Add Tax Rate Magento 2, which all store owners should know, implement and always take in mind. Before you start managing your online store, you will need to change permissions to limit access to your store. Usually, you want very few people to know about your taxes, so probably you need to change permissions first.

You need to follow these steps:

  • Create Tax Rule
  • Create Tax Zones and Rates
  • Configure Tax

Let’s start:

I. Create Tax Rules:

1. Add New Tax Rule

Go to Admin Panel -> Store -> Tax Rules


Add New Tax Rule:


Fill Tax Rule Information:


Name: Type the name of new Tax Rule:
Choose Tax Rate: If you want to change tax rate, click edit / Delete or Add new tax rate:


In case, if you want to add information Tax Rate:

1.3.add new tax rate

Full fill all Tax Rate Information Tax Identifier:

Zip/Post is Range:
Zip/Post Code: ‘*’ – matches any; ‘xyz*’ – matches any that begins on ‘xyz’ and are not longer than 10.

State: Enter State to apply for this tax
Country: Enter country you applied for Tax rate
Rate percent: the percentage of Tax Rate
Tax Titles: In English, France

-> Then tap “Save”

— Additional Settings
+ Import Tax Rate: Import file Tax Rate from store computer

Then click “Save Rule”

Then you will see it appearance:

1.4.preview tax rule

II.  Tax Zone and Rates

–Add new tax rate: Admin Panel -> Store -> Tax Zones and Rates -> Add New Tax Rate

2.0-> Add New Tax Rate


Fill tax rate information: (Same to part of add tax rate in part I). After that, Tap “Save” 

III. Configure Tax Magento 2:

Admin Magento 2 panel -> Store -> Configuration -> Tax ( Under Sale)



1. Tax Classes:


By default, your product’s tax class will be Taxable Goods and Default Tax Class for Customer will be Retail Customer. You cannot change it here.

+ Default Tax Class for Product: taxable Goods
+ Default Tax Class for Customer: retail customers

2. Calculation Settings:


Tax Calculation Method Based On:
+ Row Total: the tax will be accounted for each item line individually.
+ Unit Price: the tax will be accounted for each unit.
+ Total the Price will be accounted for the Total Sum in the Order.

Catalog Prices: Exclude of tax
Shipping Prices: Exclude of tax
Apply Customer Tax: After discount
Apply Discount On Prices: Exclude of tax
Apply Tax On Custom or Original Prices.
Enable Cross-Border Trade:
When catalog price includes tax, enable this setting to fix the price no matter what the customer’s tax rate.

Tax Calculation: Based On Shipping address, billing address, or your store’s shipping origin.

3.  Default Tax Destination Calculation


Default country: Set default country, state, Code

4. Price display settings


Display Product Prices In Catalog: Choose Excluding Tax or include Tax
Display Shipping Prices: Choose Excluding Tax or include Tax

5. Shopping Cart Display Settings


Set Include Tax or Exclude Tax for Display Prices, Display Subtotal, Display Shipping Amount, Include Tax In Order Total
Display Full Tax Summary
Display Zero Tax Subtotal

6. Orders, Invoices, Credit Memos Display Settings


Display Prices
Display Subtotal
Display Shipping Amount
Include Tax In Order Total
Display Full Tax Summary
Display Zero Tax Subtotal

7. Fixed Product Taxes (FPT)


Enable FPT (Fix Product Tax) to Yes/No
Display Prices In Product Lists
Display Prices On Product View Page
Display Prices In Sales Modules
Display Prices In Emails
Apply Tax To FPT
Include FPT In Subtotal

This is all document for Create and Configure Magento 2 Tax. We hope it helps you can setup Tax manually for your store. In case, you need to customize any things on your site, please feel free to contact us to [email protected] Some of the small changes are free of charge, get more detail about our custom work service here: Magento Development Services

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