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How to Add new Magento 2 CMS pages

add new magento 2 CMS Pages

This tutorial will show you how to add new Magento 2 CMS Pages

Step 1: Go to Magento Admin Panel > Content > Pages

Add new CMS Pages 1

Step 2: On the Pages section, click the button “Add New Pages”

Add new CMS Pages 2


Step 3: Remember to enable your page and enter your page title

Add new CMS Pages 3

Step 4: Write content for your new page. Note that it should be in HTLM format

Add new CMS pages 4

Step 5: Click Design to select the page layout

Add new CMS pages 5


Step 6: In the “Search Engine Optimization” tab, write your URL identifier, page title, and page descriptions and keywords.

Add new CMS pages 6

Step 7: Click Save to complete your work.

Add new CMS pages 7

This is the end of the tutorial. Hope you succeed adding new Magento 2 CMS pages .

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