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Guide for Ves Gallery Magento 1.9

Getting Started


Welcome to Venustheme!
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Ves Gallery is fully compatible with Magento Community Edition 1.8.x, 1.9.x

  • Manage gallery image
  • Display gallery images on bootstrap layout, Masonry, Owl Carousel block
  • Allow share image to social
  • Show gallery image on product page.
  • Easy-to-use & intuitive interface

Installation & Update


The module we provide 2 ways of  Ves Gallery installation which was supported by magento 1.8.x, 1.9.x


Your magento 2 extension can be installed in a few minutes by going through these following steps:

  • Download/purchase the extension
  • Unzip the file in a temporary directory
  • Upload it to your Magento installation root directory
  • Flush the cache under System->Cache Management
  • Re-config Role Resources for admin user: Go to admin > System > Permissions > Roles >  Edit administrator roles > choose role resources = “Custom” then choose back “All” and save the role. See the screenshot:
  • Now you can see the menu in backend “Venustheme > Ves Gallery”


  • Download/purchase the extension
  • Go to admin > System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager > Then upload file module .tgz in section “Direct package file upload“, then setup the module.
  • Flush the cache under System->Cache Management

Congrats! You finished install the extension, now you can go forward!


Backend Configuration

Go to admin > venustheme > Ves Gallery > Configuration

1, General Settings

a, Config Enable/Disable:

  • Enabled: Enable/disable all module blocks on frontend
  • Enabled Gallery Block: Enable/disable the gallery module block on frontend
  • Max file size: Input number of max file size when upload image for gallery item
  • Allow File Types: allow upload image files type (Default: jpg,jpeg,gif,png)
  • Upload Folder: input upload folder path (the folder will in the media/ folder). Default: gallery/upload/

b, Config module block:

the module gallery block will show on the position of the site by config in the layout xml file (“/app/design/frontend/base/default/layout/ves_gallery.xml”) with the code as this:

<reference name=”content”>

     <block type=”core/text_list” name=”gallery” as=”gallery” translate=”label”>

              <block type=”ves_gallery/file” name=”ves.gallery” before=”-” />



To config the module block we will config there options:


  • Module Title: input the title of the block
  • Select Template: The color skin for the gallery
  • Module Width/Height: Input module width and height
  • Render Thumbnail: Allow render thumbnail or not
  • Thumbnail Height/Width: Enable render thumbnail you should input the value (default: 100 – 100 px)
  • Limit: Number of images will show on gallery block
  • Max item on a page: is option to show number of items on a grid page or a carousel page.
  • From Source: will get images from image database or in media folder.
  • Image Folder Path: you should input the media folder in the setting if you choose “From Source” = “Image In Folder”
  • Images group: choose group if you choose “From Source” = “Gallery Banner Group”
  • Config for owl carousel: enable if you want to show the gallery images as a carousel, config as default or find more guide at here: https://owlcarousel2.github.io/OwlCarousel2/docs/started-welcome.html

Manage gallery images

To manage gallery images you should go to admin > Venustheme > Ves Gallery > Manage Files.

Add new/edit/delete image files for gallery at here.

Add new gallery image as this:


Then save the image item to save it on database. The module will show the image items on gallery block and gallery widgets on frontend.


The module support multi upload images.

Please go to “admin > Venustheme > Ves Gallery > Add Multi Files then follow as screenshot:

How to add gallery widget?

The module support widget to insert on CMS Page’s content, CMS Block’s content or widget instance.

Then config the widget and save it. On frontend will generate widget shortcode to view the gallery as you want.


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