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[NEW] Free New Extension For Magento 2: M2 Brand Extension

free magento 2 extension

During the development period of new version, there are demands of great features that increase it’s power and value of being the most popular ecommerce platform. Keep this in mind, we try and make efforts to create a great collection of magento 2 extensions. Today, it’s our pleasure to announce that we have release new versions 2.0 for our magento brand extension module. Ves Brand for Magento 2 is ready to download now.

The brand extension allows your shopper find product by their favorite brand/ manufature. Also, you can show your brand logos on the homepage with owl carousel. The process of creating brand is very easy and convenient for you. Imagine how shift in sales and customer loyalty when you help your visitor find what they want.

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M2 Brand Functionality

1. Show Brand Logo With Owl Carousel

User can show brand logo in slider/owl carousel attractively and directly on homepage. This way will help your shoppy find products of their favorite brand easier.

magento 2 brand extension

2. Create Unique Brand Page with Different layouts

Apart from homepage, you can create your own unique brand page with different layouts (grid/list layout). Also, the module supports you to optimize for SEO.


3. Show As Brand Block

Also, customer are able to find product by their favorite brand/ manufature via brand block. And with the block you can place in many different position.


4. Configuration

In addition, you can further shape your content and determine how it look on different devices.


For customers who are interested in magento 2 extension, you can see the list below:

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