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Nine Checkout Improvements In Magento 2


As you may know, magento 2 comes with a number of amazing features and improvements. One of the most improvements is it’s checkout process. Magento 2 offer 2 steps checkout process that is fast and intuitive. It speeds shopper through the process by minimizing steps and information they have to provide. In the confirmation page, user can create account with one click that not interupt transaction

Hence, magento 2 checkout will bring you more enhanced features, conversions, better user experience and tons of other benefits. To prove that, we will show you list of Checkout improvements in Magento 2.0 and it’s benefits.

1. Easy to Use On Any Devices in general and on Mobile Devices in particular

Magento 2 checkout is designed for customers easily to fill in all data using mobile and tablet. Also, Checkout requirements is arranged in single page. It means there is no need to reload other page.

magento 2 on any devices

2. Automatic guest checkout

With magento 2 checkout page, customers are allowed to checkout as a guest. If your customers don’t want to create account, customer will no longer have to login to checkout with magento 2. Hence, shopping cart abandonment will be decreased significantly.

ves-vigoss-magento 2 checkout

3. Encourage registered customers to login

If your customer who already has account, but they may not want to login, magento 2 will encourage theme to login. Customer still have option to login or not. But when customer is login, they can use reward point, address.. and information that automatically inport their information

4. Order summary with thumbnail

During magento 2 checkout process, customers can see their small product image in the order summary. It shows all necessary information and attribute of the product in order to let customers know what they are purchasing.

review-&-payment magento 2 checkout

5. Get shipping Rate after information is provided

After customer fill in their information, shipping rate will be automatically applied. Thanks to this, customer who want to know how much they will spend for shipping. Once shipping rate is chosen, the price will be added to their total.

6. Billing address is asked only if required by a payment solution

Now your customer do not have to provide their billing address unless it is required. As a result, your customer will get faster checkout process.

7. Account set up is easy and just an extra click of the mouse

8. Automatic detection of credit card type by credit card number, eliminates a step for the user.

9. Automated shipping and city options are available based on the zip code

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