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Answer for Ves Emarket – Issues

Hello, Have a nice day!
I have considered your problem. Please view the steps below:

  • Fix next, pev button:

Please go to: /app/design/frontend/ves_emarket/default/template/ves/tabs/default/list.phtml edit line 109, add class “carousel”:
<div class=”tab-pane box-products carousel categorytabcarousel<?php echo $modid; ?> slide” id=”categorytab-<?php echo $item[‘category_id’].$modid;?>”>

  • Add more than items:

go to Admin -> Venus Theme -> Ves Page Builder -> Manage Page Profiles -> edit page builder item: in “Design Page” tab, config ‘CATEGORIES TABS’ block:
Columns : 3
Maximum items on a page : 6

  • Disable panel tool on front end:

go to Venus Theme -> Template Panel -> Theme Control Panel -> edit theme item -> tab “General” set “Enable Panel Tool” -> No.
Please make sure that you have clear cache in System -> Cache Management.

  • Do you mean “Wishlish Block”?

If you click “add to wishlist” button, you need login your account to amanage wishlist products. You can view wishlist products on sidebar in categories page.

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