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Answer for Questions for ves emarket

Hello Mate, Thank for question!
I have considered your issue. Please following the step:
1. Edit the countdown timer
– Step 1: Set new products deals with countdown timer
go to Admin -> Catalog -> Manage products -> edit a Products item -> Prices -> set “Price *” and “Special Price”; set “Special Price From Date” and “Special Price To Date” (interval you set countdown timer)
– Step 2: go to Admin -> Venus Theme -> Ves Deals -> Configuration -> Catalog – Products Source Setting -> set “From Date:” and “To Date:” (The time period you want to display the product Deals).
2. Remove the “.html” from the url on the categories:
If you want to remove .html from all Magento’s category URL then Follow the below steps

  1. Go to System -> Config -> Catalog -> Search Engine Optimizations tab
  2. Delete “.html” from Category URL Suffix.
  3. Go to System->Index Management
  4. Reindex “Catalog URL Rewrites”
  5. Refresh cache

Happy day!!

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