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Answer for Problems using Live Customizing Theme

Hello Linkbright,
Thanks you for your questions.
1. To set auto play shound by default. You should open the file “app/design/frontend/ves_gentshop/default/template/ves/landingpage/default.phtml”. Then find code:

autoPlay:true, showControls:true, mute:true

Change “mute:true” to “mute:false”
2. You should open the file “app/design/frontend/ves_gentshop/default/template/ves/landingpage/default.phtml”
find the code:

autoPlay:true, showControls:true, mute:true

Add new attribute: “loop:false”

autoPlay:true, showControls:true, mute:false, loop:false

3. Because you changed the background color of header bar to black. To fix the issue, please go to venus theme control panel, input the custom css:

.megamenu li span {

    background: #000 !important;
    border: 0 solid;
   padding: 36px 0!important;


.caret {

    display: none;


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