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Answer for Need Help with the following

Hello Mate,
Thanks for your question.
_ You can remove compare button in Ves template panel & config widget in pagebuilder 
_ To Remove Popular Tags, Compare Products block & Shop by block you can remove by local.xml file 
Goto web root > \app\design\frontend\theme_skin\theme_name\layout\local.xml
paste code in <default> : <remove name=”name_block”/>
EX : <remove name=”tags_popular”/> 
<remove name=”catalog.leftnav”/>
<remove name=”catalog.compare.sidebar”/>
_ you can edit the footer items in admin> venustheme > ves block pagebuilder > manager block profiles.  select footer profiles and edit

if you can’t config, Please provide me information your site & you could explain steps by steps to replicate the problem and provide us some screenshots. , i will help you check and let you know solution.
Thanks and have a nice day!
Kind regards!

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