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Answer for How to translate some words that have not been translated after language installting. AZ Shop.

To translate the text “Description” and “Additional” tabs in product page. Please try to edit the file “app/design/frontend/ves_azshop/default layout theme/template/common/view/default.phtml”. Then find code:

echo ‘<li> <a href=”#tab-‘.$alias.'”>’.$this->escapeHtml(ucfirst($alias)).'</a> </li>’;

Replace to:

$title = $this->__($alias);
echo ‘<li> <a href=”#tab-‘.$alias.'”>’.$this->escapeHtml(ucfirst($title)).'</a> </li>’;

– To translate the text “Categories” in vertical menu (tree menu) you should translate the module title in admin > Venustheme > Ves Tree Menu > Configuration and admin > Venustheme > Ves Vertical menu > Configuration
– To translate the text “Items” in shopping cart. Please send a request email to [email protected] I will send you the fixed file.
We fixed there issues for the theme and will release the theme on this weekend.

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